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Annabeth leaned over the edge. Her heart pounded. She was finally going to see her boyfriend, Percy Jackson, after eight long months. Most of the senior campers from Camp Half-Blood came along. Leo Valdz steering the Argo II. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Jason Grace and Piper McLean holding hands, talking. She hoped that the video Leo sent would let the Romans know that they weren't the enemy. But after watching Leo talk, she started to think that instead of helping them, Leo would get them killed in painful, nasty ways.
Piper and Jason came up next to her. Annabeth looked at them. "What do you think will happen?" she whispered.
Jason gazed into space. "I don't know."
Suddenly, a cloud parted and what Annabeth saw nearly gave her a heart attack. Camp Jupiter. The landscape displayed below her was beautiful. The hills were green. The Roman style temples and buildings were unbelievable. Her mouth hung open.
Leo's voice echoed through the speekers. "Attention everyone. We have arrived in Camp Jupiter. And they have spotted us. Jason, please kindly wave so that the Romans know that you are with us."
Annabeth sighed. Leo had the wierdest mind of them all. Piper and Jason rolled their eyes.
Below them, a large crowd of people stood, screaming and shouting. Then as the Argo II got closer, Annabeth saw that most of them carried weapons. Uh-oh, Annabeth thought.
"Leo!" Jason suddenly yelled. "You're going to land in the forum! Move to the left!"
Leo obeyed. Romans ran to meet them. Annabeth scanned the crowds, hoping to see Percy. Then she saw him. He had his arms around a girl with curly brown hair, who was about thirteen or fourteen, and a large bulky guy. The guy looked around sixteen.
"PERCY!!!!!!!!" she screamed. Percy dropped his arms and their eyes met.
"Annabeth!!" Percy cried.
Annabeth leaped off even before the ship landed. The Romans made way for her. She could feel tears streaming down as she ran. She tackled Percy and leaped into his arms. It felt so good to be wrapped in his powerful, strong arms. She felt so safe in his grasp that she didn't want to let go. But Percy pulled back and looked into her eyes with those beautiful sea green eyes that Annabeth haven't seen in such a long time.
"I've missed you, Wise Girl," Percy whispered.
"I've missed you too, Seaweed Brain," Annabeth said. She looked up and saw that there were tears in his eyes too.
Percy pulled her back into his arms and kissed her. A real kiss on the lips. They stood there for such a long time that Annabeth didn't realize that everyone was watching, until whoops and applause filled the air. Annabeth felt her face turn burning hot.
Percy gripped her hand. "Come on. Follow me. There's someone I want you to meet." He pulled her along, until they were standing in front of Jason, Leo, and Piper. They were talking with the two kids Percy had his arms around of before and another girl, who looked about fifteen. She had long black hair, and dark, intense brown eyes.
"Annabeth," Percy said. "Meet Hazel Levesque, daughter of Pluto." He pointed to the girl with curly brown. Annabeth saw that her eye were gold, like a 14-karat gold peice.
Annabeth managed a faint "hi". Hazel nodded and smiled warmly.
"This is Frank Zhang," Percy introduced. He nodded to the big, bulky boy. "He's a son of Mars. And my distant, ah, very distant half brother. Frank is probably the only nice child of the war god."
Frank blushed. Annabeth smiled. She realized that Frank had a strange combination of a strong man, and a pudgy babyish face.
Percy pointed to the other girl, who was talking to Jason. "That's Reyna, daughter of Bellona, the war goddess. She's the praetor of this legion."
Jason turned to Percy. "You replaced me?"
Annabeth had no idea what Jason was talking about. But Percy looked down and shuffled his feet nervously. "I didn't want to. But the legion insisted. And Reyna," he added nervously.
Jason's eyes were dangerous and threatening. Piper touched his shoulder. "It's all right. We'll figure this out."
Annbeth introduced Jason, Piper, and Leo, to Hazel and Frank. Hazel stared at Leo. "You're Sammy."
"What?" Annabeth asked. The others looked euqually confused. Leo stared at Hazel as if she had popped out from his nightmare.
Percy was about to explain when Reyna interrupted. "We'll talk about this at the meeting." She raised her voice and shouted. "Senators and Greeks. Meet me in the Senate House."
Annbeth looked at Percy questioningly. "Just follow me," he said.
All the others from Camp Half-Blood joined up with them. Percy turned back and announced, "Everyone. Listen up. No weapons allowed, so you're gonna have to take them out. You'll get them back, but we don't want the meeting to get bloody."
They marched to the city. The statue, Terminus, made sure all the weapons were placed safely on the metal tray.
They arrived at the Senate House right on time. Percy took the seat next to Reyna at the head. Jason kept giving Percy a murderous look. Percy looked very uncomforatable, because Reyna kept taking hold of his hand. Annabeth felt a strong pulse of jelousy rippling inside her.
Reyna stood. "Jason, I would like to hear your story. From the very beginning. Then Percy will tell you his. Then, we must discuss the problem that our long lost praetor, Jason, has come back, and Percy has just recently been raised at the second praetor. But that'll be for later. Jason, you may begin."
Jason stood and took a deep breath. Then he began.

This is my first fanfic, so i hope that you all like it. and i would LOVE comments. they dont hafta be positive. but keep them constructive. enjoy!
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