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VanessaJackson posted on Jun 02, 2012 at 09:54AM
Hey guys! This is my first fan fiction EVER!!!!
I've read all of The Percy Jackson series and I've read all of The Heroes Olympus books that have been released so far and I am absolutely in LOVE!
I've decided to write my version of The Mark of Athena because I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO BE RELEASED!
I'm not sure how many times I'll be able to update seeing as I'm in high school and get A LOT of homework, but I'll try! Hope you guys enjoy!!!
For those who don't like the Percabeth romance or any romance for that matter then I suggest NOT reading this, haha!
Leave any questions, comments and especially opinions! Thanks so much!!!
Oh and by the way, A/N Means AUTHOR'S NOTE!

The Mark of Athena.


Annabeth looked over the side of the Argo II. All she was thinking about was that Percy was down there. He was so close! She hadn’t seen him in, what 8 months? She was also scared, "what if Percy doesn’t remember me?" she thought. She pushed the awful thought out of her mind and concentrated on more important matters. As the ship got lower she could see the Roman Camp. She got this terrible feeling that everything was about to go wrong but, it was too late to turn back. The ship was too close and the Romans had spotted them. A/N (This chapter was extremely short. It’s just a bit of an introduction)


As the boarding plank was lowered down everyone started to walk out. Jason was leading as he was a familiar Roman face. As he emerged there was cheering. Piper nudged her, “Ready?” she asked. “I think so.” Piper winked at Annabeth and walked off the boat after Leo and Jason. Annabeth was reluctant to walk out, she was afraid. The feeling she had gotten on the boat, which had sent a shiver down her spine, made her very nervous but, then she remembered that Percy was here! Annabeth quickly walked out of the boat and looked around. Where was he? She looked around frantically then suddenly, she spotted him. “PERCY!” she ran forward to the shaggy black haired boy. Percy gave her that little half smile that she loved so much. “Hey Wise Girl” he said. Annabeth punched him, in the stomach, hard. Percy doubled over in pain. When he recovered she started yelling. “Why didn’t you call me? You called your mom and Paul and you contacted Tyson and not me?! I was so worried! 8 months, 8 months Percy! You could’ve been dead!” She could feel the tears coming. Percy wrapped his arms around her “Annabeth, I tried to contact you, I did! I knew mom and Paul would be the most worried and I only got one chance at a phone. As for Iris Messaging, I couldn’t get a hold of camp or you. But it doesn’t matter anymore! You’re here now, we’re together”. Annabeth looked up into his twinkling sea green eyes, “I missed you Seaweed Brain.” She whispered. “I missed you too.” And with that, Percy leaned down and kissed her. Annabeth thought it was the best kiss yet. It made up for all those sleepless nights and the missed meals. They heard someone clear their throat. The two looked up; it was one of the Roman legionnaires. Annabeth realised that everyone had watched her and Percy’s little uh, scene. She felt her face getting hot. A girl with black hair and coal black eyes stepped forward, Annabeth recognised her from Circe’s Island. “I am Reyna, daughter of Bellona and Praetor of the Twelfth Legion. Welcome to Camp Jupiter”.

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Oh and by the way guys, I won't be updating again until I get some feedback hee hee :) SO PLEASE LEAVE YOU OPINIONS!!!
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This is really good!
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A/N Hey guys! Thanks for the comments! I've been having a hard time making time to write this so here you go! Hope you like it!


Percy was so glad to see Annabeth but, was still embarrassed when Reyna interrupted.
“Uh Reyna, this is my girlfriend, Annabeth.”
“Yes, I see.” Annabeth and Reyna shook hands. Just then, Octavian stepped forward.
“Here we go” Percy thought as he rolled his eyes.
“Praetor, how do we know we can trust the Greeks? How do we they aren’t lying to us? What about all those legends? Jason could have betrayed us; we know that the Greeks are tricky!"
Reyna raised her hand for Octavian to be quiet. "Jason is our friend and former Praetor, we trust his judgement. A senate meeting will be held tomorrow for any further inquiries".
Everyone took this as their cue to leave. Percy took Annabeth's hand and started to walk over to Hazel and Frank.
"Where are you taking me?" She asked.
"To meet some friends".
"Hey! I'm Hazel, and this is my boyfriend Frank!" Hazel introduced herself "I'm daughter of Pluto and he's son of Mars".
Percy knew Hazel enjoyed calling Frank her boyfriend. Frank smiled at Percy and nudged him while Annabeth and Hazel were busy chatting,
"Dude, your girlfriend is hot!" Percy laughed. All he could think of saying was,
"I know." and smiled in Annabeth's direction.
"Hey wise girl, I wanna show you something, excuse us guys"
Percy took Annabeth's hand and led her away. He turned his head to look at Frank and gave him a wink. They walked all around the camp and Percy let Annabeth admire all the Roman architecture. She was amazed and couldn’t help but gape at it. The sun was starting to set as they reached Percy's Praetor cabin.
"You've gotten taller." Annabeth remarked with a slight frown.
"Does that bother you?"
"No, well yes, I missed you."
"I missed you too, you know you were the only one I remembered when my memory was wiped, don't tell Grover though!"
“You must've really pissed Hera off then."
"I thought that was your job"
"It’s been a long 8 months Percy, we have some things to catch up on" Annabeth grabbed the front of Percy's shirt and pulled him forward into a kiss.
Percy looked up to see that Leo kid walking past smirking at them. Annabeth was laughing. Percy thought she looked as beautiful as ever.
"Get some sleep seaweed brain, we've gotta meeting tomorrow and I think I'd like to get back on Reyna's good side, thought I doubt it'll be easy considering we destroyed her island".
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A/N Sorry guys, my chapters always seem to be really short. I haven't had much time to work on this and I also have writer's block. Anyway, HERE WE GO!


Jason was getting into bed. He was really tired and knew it was going to be a long day tomorrow. He had to share a room with Piper and Leo. Leo insisted on sleeping on the Argo II because he thought he needed to watch over it. Jason tried to be as quiet as possible so that he wouldn't wake Piper as she was already sleeping. Jason thought about the senate meeting that would be held tomorrow. He knew that Octavian was going to try and make the Greeks sound evil or weak. He was going to try and turn the Greek and Roman camps against eachother. All Octavian wanted was power. Jason hoped Reyna would be able to keep control. Maybe Piper would be able the charmspeak the senate? Speaking of Piper and Reyna, Jason couldn't decide what he was going to do. He knew that he might have had something with Reyna, but he didn't know if it was still there and he really liked Piper, they'd been through a lot together and they were basically together now anyway. Just before Jason slipped into bed, he walked passed Piper's bed. She was sleeping, her brown choppy hair was all over face and she was snoring. Not a loud snore, a very soft one. Jason thought it was cute. He gently brushed the hair out of her face. Jason got into bed and settled down for a restless demigod sleep. He fell asleep to the sound of Piper's quiet snore. 
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Thanks for all the support guys! I'm glad you like it :D
I'll be posting soon!!! :)))
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^sammy-not Sam sorry I'm just a realt big freak about details when it comes to percy Jackson (:
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@posiedan123 Yep thanks for the advice! I'm going to try and include every detail. If I miss out on something you guys can tell me and I'll edit it. :)
@book-worm Haha me too! I've been reading other people's stories and correcting them in my head (Yeah I'm a bit weird)! Hopefully I don't miss out on anything!!!
I will be posting soon! I've been pretty busy, but I swear on the River Styx that I will work on my chapter today and try and get it up as soon as possible. In the mean time, ENJOY SOME CAKE!
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A/N Sorry it took so long guys! I've been super busy. I must say, I don't like this chapter very much but here it is. Thanks for waiting :)


Leo had slept on the Argo II. The first reason was because he wanted to keep an eye on it. The second reason was because he wanted to leave Jason and Piper alone. He knew there was something going on between them. Leo got up and got dressed. He walked out of the ship and started towards the mess hall. As per usual, Leo had slept in so by the time he reached his seat in between Jason and Percy, everyone had pretty much finished.
After breakfast, that Reyna girl, the really hot one, made an announcement.
"Romans! And err- Greeks! All Centurions must go to the senate hall for an important senate meeting. Legionnaires will continue with their daily tasks.
"Are you guys done?" Leo asked his friends with scrambled eggs still in his mouth.
"Yep. We're waiting for you Repair Boy" Piper sighed.
"Alright, alright! I'm done Beauty Queen, let’s go".
Jason, Piper, Percy, Annabeth, Frank, Hazel and Leo walked to the senate house together. Leo could see that Hazel girl staring at him from the corner of his eye. "I'm I really that weird looking?" Leo chuckled to himself.
When they reached the Senate house, Percy sat in the Praetors chair thing next to Reyna.
"As you all know, I asked you here so we could discuss the quest but I think it's also a good time to all introduce ourselves properly."
Reyna suggested. She got up and said "I am Reyna, as you already know. Now please, introduce yourselves."
Leo got up first to try and please Reyna. "Hey, I'm Leo Valdez" Leo saw Hazel's eyes widen as he said he name. "Um I'm son of Hephaestus, Supreme commander of the Argo II and Fire user". When Leo had told them he was a fire user, he saw Frank turn an odd shade of green. What's with these people?! He thought. Piper got up and introduced herself. "I'm Piper McLean, daughter of Aphrodite and Charmspeaker". Then Annabeth, "Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena and official architect of Olympus". A couple people gasped at that. After everyone was introduced they got down to business. Reyna stood up. "We are gathered here to discuss many important matters.
"Yes, like if we can trust these tricky Greeks!" Octavian burst out. "We know they are cunning. Do we know we can trust them? This Piper girl spoke of her talent of Charmspeak, which I presume can manipulate anyone into doing anything. How do we know that she didn't Charmspeak Jason into giving in to their commands?"
Leo hadn't known this 'Octopus' guy for very long but he had a strong urge to slap him upside the head.
"Octavian, that's ridiculous!" Jason retaliated. "I am acting on my own terms, no charmspeak was involved."
"How do we know you weren't charmspoken to say that too?"
"I, Jason Grace, was your past praetor. I wouldn't cause our camp any harm".
"Speaking of praetors" Percy spoke before Octavian had a chance. "Jason, I am Greek, you are Roman. I don't want to be praetor. You can have this back".
Percy handed the praetor cloak over to Jason who put it on with a grin. All of the Romans were gawking at what Percy had just done. Reyna stared at Percy in awe but continued what she was saying.
"Now, anyway, back to the quest. Do we agree that the Greeks can be trusted and the quest will go ahead as planned?" Most of the hands went up except for Octavian and his followers. Reyna continued "Have the 7 demigods who will embark on this quest been chosen?"
"Yes. Frank, Hazel, Jason, Piper, Leo, Annabeth and I". Percy answered.
"Alright. It's settled. When do you leave?" This question was directed at Leo, which surprised him.
"Oh-uh, we can leave whenever we want".
"Brilliant, 2 days?"
And with that, the senate meeting ended and everyone left. Leo stayed behind a bit so he could chat to Reyna.
"So, um, What’s up?"
"Listen Valdez, I'm not interested.
And with that she walked out, leaving him alone.
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Hey guys,
You've probably lost interest in this story now hahaha.
Truth is, I've been really busy and I have THE WORST writers block EVER!
@seaweedbrainsis Thanks for the ideas! I will incorporate them, but I this story won't just be about their love lives haha. Thanks!
@hammerhead17 I'll have something soon!
I'm really sorry guys :(
I will have another chapter soon, here's some cake in the meantime...
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@book-worm Thank you!
@jberagon17 Posting now!
Here it's is guys! I hope you like it! I think I've had some better chapters but ENJOY! Creative criticism IS aloud! Oh wow, this looked a lot longer before, oh well....



Jason couldn’t believe that they were leaving for their quest in only 2 days! As he walked to the meeting room in the Argo II, where a meeting for the prophecy’s 7 was being held, he thought about Piper and Reyna. Part of him was glad that Reyna wasn’t coming on the quest so that he wouldn’t have to deal with the whole ‘Love Triangle’ thing, but part of him was disappointed because he would miss her friendship while he was gone. Though Reyna was pretty, tough, smart and they’d been friends forever (maybe even a little more than friends), she just didn’t give him the same feeling that Piper did. Piper was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen, she had the most beautiful kaleidoscope eyes that changed from brown, to green, to blue and she had a figure most girls could only dream of having. Every time Jason saw Piper his heart would skip a beat, but that wasn’t why Jason liked her so much. She was just, amazing. She wasn’t like any of the other Aphrodite girls. She was tough, smart, caring and she didn’t care about what she looked like, not in the least. Jason suddenly knew that there had never been a ‘Love Triangle’. He had never felt that way about Reyna It was Piper all along.

When Jason finally reached the Argo II, everyone was already there. The meeting room had a big table in the middle of the room and some chairs around it. It was a fairly big room with a fireplace, a minibar in the corner and paintings on the wall of what looked like Greek and Roman battle scenes. Annabeth and Percy were standing up and Percy’s arm was wrapped around her waist. Hazel and Frank were sitting next to each other and had their hands intertwined. Leo was leaning against the table, playing with some pieces of wire in his hands and Piper was sitting by herself. When Jason walked in, Leo looked up from his wires and smirked at him, “Took your time”.
Jason blushed and sat next to Piper who gave him a small smile.
“So, now that we’re all here, let’s begin the meeting” Annabeth began.
Percy looked at all seven of them and asked “So, we need to decide. Are we going to go to Greece or Rome first? We have to come up with some sort of plan. We have to think which place would be more beneficial to visit first.”
Annabeth stifled a laugh “Oooh Seaweed Brain’s using big words! Since when did he get so smart?”
“Ha-ha, very funny Wise Girl” He retorted sarcastically. “Anyway, what do you guys think?”
Frank suddenly spoke up. "I don't know if you guys have had any weird dreams lately but the other night Gaia spoke to me. She said that it wouldn't matter where we went first, she would crush us."
Jason had actually had a dream very similar to that.
"Frank, I had a dream just like that!" Hazel explained. "I'm pretty sure we all have had that dream!"
Everyone nodded in agreement.
"Well then it doesn't really matter where we go first then does it? We'll be monster feed either way." Leo joked.
Annabeth nodded and replied "Yes, but that doesn't mean we don't need a plan."
Piper had been especially quiet so Jason was surprised when she piped up (A/N No pun intended). "Well, we still haven't decided. Where does everyone want to go? I suggest we take a vote."
"I really don't mind. Why don't we flip a coin or something? Heads is Rome, Tails is Greece." Percy suggested.
Annabeth took out a drachma and flipped it. She caught it and put it onto the back of her hand. "Heads!"
"Rome it is!" Jason smiled. He didn't mind which country they went to first either, but he was excited to go to Rome. “Going to Italy with Piper will be awesome!” He thought. The meeting went on for a long time but eventually it was over and everything was sorted.
Jason started walking towards evening muster. Piper ran up and started walking beside him. Jason took her hand and from the corner of his eye he saw her blush.
"So, are you ready for our quest?" He asked her.
"I guess so. I'm actually kind of nervous."
"Kind of?! We're up against Gaia!"
"Ok I'm a lot nervous" she said, rolling her eyes.
Jason chuckled and she squeezed his hand. The rest of the way they walked in silence. Not awkward silence, comfortable silence. Jason knew that he had to tell Reyna how he felt.

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VanessaJackson commented…
I'm really, really sorry that I never finished this and that I upset you! Things got terribly busy with school and everything and I just didn't have time to push through a writer's block and write और chapters! I'm really happy that आप enjoyed my story but I don't think I'll ever be continuing it. The Mark Of Athena's already out and it's a little hard to write your own version of a story when you've already read it and know the whole plot. Thanks again for taking the time to read my लेखन and I'm sorry I upset you. :) एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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