द हीरोस ऑफ ओलिंपस If आप could make up a new demigod, who will he/she be?

MisterPerfect1 posted on Aug 29, 2011 at 12:07AM
Be creative everyone. I need ideas for an epic fanfiction that I am about to write about. I will pick the best ten and use them in my story. *AND BE SURE TO READ MY OTHER STORY (SON OF NEPTUNE)!

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना AmazingPercy said…
daughter of Minerva
leader of cabin
long black hair and grey eyes
great stratagist
great at designs
few knives and swords

daughter of Apollo
twin bother is cabin leader
good at singing
magic flute
blonde hair and golden brown eyes
gold bow and arrows

Pluto daughter
black hair/eyes
only daughter

daughter of Ceres
long brown hair
hazel eyes
green tee's and brown pants/jeans
brown bow with green arrows

Maple and Crystal are my favorite hope you can use them
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना annabeth190 said…
reyna: parent:athena one dagger,plus 150 arrows like's kevin (later seen) leader of cabin.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jasonfan44 said…
okay i have a few:

Alex Mitchell:
Hades son
Secretive, shy, and you will be feared by him
Black short hair with black eyes, wears a beanie, which was given by him when he was claimed(8) Either tan or white( depending on whether he stays in the Underworld or Mortal world) Black jacket in winter and he has a black tee, with a skull in front of him
Stygrain Iron, celestial bronze, sword.
Co- Leader of Hades Cabin

Daughter of Hecate
Magic is her best weapon
unknown eye color
Green eyes
Seen with jeans on
magic is her favorite weapon
Leader of Hecate Cabin

Last one;
Jay Johnson
Son of Hepheastus
Sword he made is his favorite weapon
Brown eyes
Tan, almost black skin
Big and Burly
Leader of Hepheastus cabin with His sister Jamie
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jasonfan44 said…
Alex is supposed to be 8 and Maggie is 12 and Alex can do what Hades children can do and so can Maggie and Jay johnson
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना percabeth-bcz7 said…
Okay... I'll try a few:

NAME: Alexis "Lexi" Craig
AGE: 14
PARENTAGE: Venus/Aphrodite (your choice)
APPEARANCE: Long, straight, silky blonde hair and eyes dark, dark green on the rim, shocking blue on the inside, with specks of gold near the center. 5'6" 110lbs. -->pounds
WEAPON OF CHOICE(WOC): Long gold sword studded with rubies on the hilt, or a bow (gold, studded with rubies) and arrows. She is also a highly skilled charm-speaker.
ATTITUDE/CHARACTERISTICS: Snobby and stuck up, yet not as much as most Aphrodite/Venus girls. Can be down-to-earth. Is EXTREMELY concerned of those around her.

NAME: Brittany Zanders
AGE: 14->turning 15
PARENTAGE: Poseidon/Neptune
APPEARANCE: Dark brown hair and bright green eyes, slowly becoming blue as they come to the rim. Full lips. Gorgeous face. 5'7 1/2" 120lbs.-->pounds
WOC: Mix of silver, imperial gold, celestial bronze and stygian iron sword (but takes the look of silver) with a 2 1/2' blade studded with a mixture of diamonds and pearls, the pearls directly from Poseidon's castle. It turns into her diamond ring, a gift from her father. She also keeps a knife strapped on her waist, with the same appearance as her sword, but shorter. HATES using bows and arrows.
ATTITUDE/CHARACTERISTICS: Sweet, kind, outgoing, yet unsure of herself. Shares Percy's fatal flaw; loyalty to friends. Was given the blessing of Poseidon. Has a very big patience. Lots are jealous of her, but it doesn't bother her.

NAME: Logan Shawk
AGE: 14
PARENTAGE: Hecate/Trivia
APPEARANCE: Shaggy blonde hair and dark, big brown eyes. Handsome face that lots are jealous of. 6' 180lbs.-->pounds
WOC: He always has his celestial bronze/imperial gold(depending on Greek/Roman) sword "μαγεία" (magic) by his side. He can shoot a bow and arrow, and use a knife, but prefers "μαγεία" to all.
ATTITUDE/CHARACTERISTICS: Kind and sweet, yet bitter towards his mother for leaving him alone when he was merely 4. Although mad, stays loyal to his friends and has an attractive girlfriend (if you want him to) named "Erimentha" which means "Determined protector, Collector of thoughts" in Greek.

NAME: Erimentha "Erika" Sotiriou (soe-tear-ee-you)
AGE: 14
PARENTAGE: Athena/Minerva
APPEARANCE: Curly black hair that comes just above her mid-back, and shocking grey eyes that can stare into your soul and collect your deepest thoughts. Very attractive. 5'6" 120lbs.---->pounds
WOC: Her silver bows and arrows are always strapped to her back, with her golden sword at her side at all times. Although this seems like a lot of protection, her biggest weapon is her eyes. They seem normal and gorgeous at times, but when she wants to, they search deep into your soul and recovers your biggest thoughts and feelings.
ATTITUDE/CHARACTERISTICS: Funny and laid back, but you do NOT want to face her in battle. Has the blessing of Athena. Is an EXCELLENT strategist and has a photographic memory, causing her be ONE OF the most powerful Athena demigods alive. Is actually 3/4 Greek and is (if you want her to be) in a loving and caring relationship with Logan, son of Hecate/Trivia.

NAME: Zachary "Zach" Noland
AGE: 15
APPEARANCE: Short brown hair and hazel eyes. Has a weak-looking body structure. 5'6" 150lbs.---->pounds
WOC: Gold bow with ancient Greek engravings on it that spells "Χορηγός του ήλιου"-which means "Giver of the sun"-and a quiver full of arrows that refills on its own on his back. Although he prefers his bow and arrows, he also carries a celestial bronze/imperial gold knife on his side, as a last resort.
ATTITUDE/CHARACTERISTICS: Zach has a very bad case of ADHD, causing him to go a little crazy at times. He has a look in his eye that tells you to back away before the crazy bomb blows! But, all in all, he has a good heart and is an AMAZING healer, being able to cure both demigod and mortal medical issues (thanks to his mom, a pharmacist) and, yet again thanks to his mom, is AMAZING with medicine.

NAME: Andrew T. Coleman
AGE: 16
PARENTAGE: Hades/Pluto
APPEARANCE: Longer than usual (Old Justin Bieber style), shaggy, black hair and dark, almost black, eyes. He has a handsome face, but is so pale that it looks as though it was painted. 5'8" 180lbs.---->pounds
WOC: His weapon of choice is, of course, his Stygian iron sword, along with his helmet that can turn into any type of head-wear, a replica of Hades' helm of Darkness. Both were given to him from his father. He also carries a black dagger for a last resort.
ATTITUDE/CHARACTERISTICS: He is nice, joking and laid-back once you get to know him, but at a first glance is very cold, and even a bit scary. VERY similar to Nico d'Angelo characteristically.

NAME: Jessica Whiteland
AGE: 15
PARENTAGE: Nemesis/Roman form--Invidia?
APPEARANCE: Long, silky, straight hair down to her mid-back and dark black eyes. She has paler skin than most people, but not as much as children of Hades' children. 5'6" 120lbs.--->pounds
WOC: A 2ft long silver sword that several millenia ago was dipped in the river Styx, so now has the faintest trace of it. She also carries a miniature version of her sword (knife), except it didn't have a dip in the Styx.
ATTITUDE/CHARACTERISTICS: Is at a first glance, very nice and sweet; someone who wouldn't hurt a fly. Once you get to know her, you realize that if you cross her, well let's just say-DON'T DO IT! Since her mother is Nemesis, goddess of revenge, she can think of a lot of plans to get revenge on you..

*BTW: Brittany has water powers like Percy, Erimentha like Annabeth, Andrew like Nico, and Logan is magical.

Okay.. I know it's long, but I thought of a lot of characters.:) And MisterPerfect1, if this isn't too late and you are willing to use some of my characters, could you put something in the top part with the Copyright or whatever about me thinking of what characters and stuff? :S Sorry to ask, but I like these ideas a lot and I would feel kind of bad if I didn't get any credit.. :)

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना bleebeee said…
Elliot Chapel
Son of Hera
Age: 13
Skin color: White
Hair color: Brown
Hair style: Curly
Status: Alive
Location: Camp half blood
Cabin: cabin 2 (head consuler)
Family: Hera (mom) Bill Chapel (dad) Suzan and Stephanie chapel ( evil step sisters) Dana Chapel (step mom)
Good traits: Friendly, loves weddings, good person to have on your side.
Bad traits: HIS TEMPER
Powers: Can alter the course if marriage making it destined to succeed or doomed to fail, can control wind, can make things appear out of thin air, monsters seem to respect him, can telepathically communicate with peacocks
Magic items: Pen sword, peacock charm (acts as a panic line directly to Hera)
Pets: baby hellhound named Stricktica
Story: Zeus told Hera he was going down to earth to check on man, but Hera came down just to spy on him. But then she met his dad, the wedding planner. Hera got side tracked and nine months later out pops Elliot. Zeus found out and did everything to make sure he died. But since he is hera's only demigod child she cared deeply for him. When Zeus sent something to kill him, Hera would stop it. Then he got to camp half blood and moved into the Hera cabin. Since there is no furniture, he paid the hermes cabin to get him a couch some chairs and a tv. And he bought a bed from the Hypnos cabin. His life is awesome
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना PiperMclean7732 said…
Noah Mark
Daughter of Artemis
Age: 14
Skin color: tan
Hair color: dark brown
Eye color: dark green
Hair style: wavy/curly
Wears: a silver moon tank top, dark wash shorts, and in silver converses
Cabin: 8 (head counselor)
Family: no one (dad died when she was 1), (her mom is never around and is ashamed that her daughter wants to date guys and not join the hunt)
Weapons: Sword made out of imperial gold and celestial bronze named λεπίδα του θανάτου. A bow and arrows made out of moonlight that disappers and appers when needed.
Fatal flaw: can be too much of a loner. Which can be bad when needs help especially during battle
Characteristic: nice and shy at first but once you get to know her very outspoken at times. Very smart and resourceful like her mom. Is a natural leader.
Powers: can turn into a wolf (one of her moms hunting animals), can heal, can fly (her father was half wind spirit), can use moon power, can camouflage into trees, can use magic (blessed by hecate), and has super hearing (wolf thing), super sight (wolf thing).
Pets: a white magical deer who served by her side while trying to find CHB
Relationship: Boyfriend; Ali Shadow, Best Friend; Rain Oala
Can be found: with her boyfriend near the lake laughing like weirdos, or with her best friend in the top of a tree.

Ali Shadow
Son of Hades
Black hair
Brown/Blue eyes
Pale skin
Shaggy hair
Wears: motorcycle jacket, dark green t-shirt, jeans, and combat boots
Cabin (idk what cabin number is for Hades?)
Family: half brother Nico, a mom named Hannah Shadow, and Hades
Weapons: throwing knives made out of stygian iron and a pair of sunglasses that can help him escape the underworld no matter what
Fatal flaw: stubborness
Characteristic: a joker, nice, and to sweet for his own good, but if you first meet him he seems scary, almost wanting to melt into the shadows
Powers: can summon the dead, can raise the dead and can see the emotions of people (dont ask)
Pet: a hellhound named Rafael
Relationship: Girlfriend: Noah Mark, Best friend: Salem Ridge
Can be found: hanging with his girlfriend laughing like idiots, or training with Salem

Rain Oala
Daughter of Demeter
Hazel hair
Brown eyes
White skin
Straighter hair
Wears: a green summer dress, white sandals, and a pair of sunglasses
Family: half-siblings, Demeter, and her cousin Dallas
Weapons: switchblades
Fatal flaw: over passionate
Characteristic: overly nice, funny, and is very shy
Powers: can manipulate plants, and can speak to animals
Relationship: best friend; Noah Mark
Can be found: having fun with Noah