Timmy's pov

It had been a महीना since we had come to live with AC and AW and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. They were really nice to us and hated seeing us sad. When I came back to Anti-fairy world with a black eye thanks to Francis, AC went through the roof when he found out. AW had been with Rose at the time since Croker held he after class, why I'm not for sure probably something stupid या grilling her about Fairy Godparents.

After that Anti-Doctor Rip Studwell या as he like Rose and I to call him Uncle looked me over. He saw a the bruise and scars I had and asked how I had gotten them. For some reason I just spilled the beans I couldn't hold it in anymore and I knew Rose was about snap too.


"Timothy how did आप get these scars?" Asked Anti- Studwell

I bit my lip.

"Timothy आप are सुरक्षित here I promise" कहा AC

I sighed

"Vicky, Francis....."

I couldn't say the last part that our parents hurts us it wasn't physical abuse it was emotional"

"Timothy?" asked AC

"Our parents not physical but emotional"

Both AC and Anti-Studwell were mad to say the least.

"Timothy tell what happened?"

I heard a knock.

"Who is it?" asked Ac annoyed

'It's Rose I can help explain about our parents"

End of flashback

She came in. After Ac had made our rooms look like our rooms back at घर he told us that our parents were in Mexico. Which broke our hearts even more. Since school was off for a week thanks to teacher's conventions या something like that we didn't have to go to school.

When our parents came back a few days later we still were in Anti- fairy world and none had reported us missing. When the week was up we went to school finding out that still none had bothered to look for us, most of all our parents.

We realized than that they never loved us not really. Wanda, Cosmo and Poof loved us we knew that for a fact, but as god kids not as their kids. My greatest wish I wanted scratch that we wanted was to have Wanda and Cosmo as our real parents but it was against the rules we all get in trouble for that wish.

Anyway AC, AW, Anti-Studwell, Foop and a few और Anti-fairies disappeared for a few hours. अगला दिन Francis had been arrested for having weed in his pocket and locker. Vicky was arrested as well for taxes fraud and child abuse.

AC and the others denied having anything to do with if but we knew. Since Vicky was gone we decided to see our parents see if the missed us at all. What we found broke our hearts.

We came घर there was a note waiting for us.

Dear Mary and Tommy,

went to France been back in a महीना there is money in the सुरक्षित for food. Bye mom and dad

P.S We प्यार u we guess....

Rose broke down right then and there. AW showed up wondering what was wrong. Rose was crying so much and I was in tears myself the note lay on the floor. AW pick a frown she anti poof us to the castle.

After that happen we stay in Anti-fairy world expect for school like that mattered anymore either. We had none on Earth to take care of us, प्यार us be there for us but I guess Rose and I didn't belong there या anywhere. We were just mistake in the world nothing more.

The परियों didn't fight for us, Cosmo. Wanda and Poof probably had a new god kid and forgot about us like everyone else did.

There was only one person I knew who would never hurt me and never leave me. That was Rose and that was enough for me.

Rose's pov

It had been a महीना since Timmy and I came to live with AC and AW and it wasn't bad not at all really. Ac would help us with Croker's crazy homework assignments. AW was an amazing cook and we were always were full never hungry. We no longer had to worry about Vicky since we stop living with the Turners.. It was sad to say but I couldn't call them our parents anymore. We gave them chance after chance and they failed now I didn't care what they did with their lives. That note was the end of the line.


I was on the floor crying this was the सेकंड time in my life that I want to really die! I didn't want to live with this pain anymore knowing that my own fucking parents couldn't even say that they प्यार us. I looked up to see we were back in the castle.

"Dear what happen?" Ac asked

AW showed him the note HP read it soon after. Both AC and HP went red with angry and hate. Soon I felt arms लपेटें around me I looked to see Aw holding me. I wrapped my arms around and held tight. I would have never believed it but Anti- परियों and Pixies showed us और प्यार than any human on Earth ever did and we were told they couldn't love! Then what was this?

Ac was still पढ़ना the note over again HP was holding Timmy. I saw Timmy holding tight to him like I was with AW. Why couldn't our real parents be like this?

End of flashback

After that had happened Timmy and myself started to trust AC,AW, HP and the others more. I know Ac made our parents forget us I knew he did that though he never admit to it. I saw that look in his eye that was saying well if आप don't want them then आप won't even remember them.

I told Timmy he was mad at first but we realized that if they had truly loved us the magic wouldn't have worked so it made it clear that our own bloody fucking parents didn't प्यार us and that what hurt the most.

I missed Cosmo, Wanda and Poof but I doubt they miss us . They would always be family to me but I really started to think of AC and AW as my parents I wondered if Timmy felt the same?

Wanda's pov

It had been a महीना since the twins start to live with those damn antis. Cosmo and I decided to take a long break from god parenting. It did give us और time for Poof and stuff. It wasn't the same without the twins around.

One दिन I got a letter I didn't know who it was from but I had a feeling it was one of the twins telling us the twins were fine that calmed me down a lot but also got a letter that My twins had gotten from their parents.

I was so mad so was Cosmo. They guess that they प्यार them. Cosmo and I froze that meant the were now living in Anti-fairy world which was good and bad news. Bad news they were in Anti-fairy world और than any human should be Good news we could try to visit them and maybe get them back. Maybe we could talk Jorgen into making the Fairies!

I smiled thinking of my शिशु as fairies! I loved that idea so much never losing them. Since their real parents proved they didn't प्यार them that meant we could adopt them but so could our counterparts. I sighed I was just glad they were out of that house and hopefully happy and safe. Yet deep down I knew they were I saw the look in Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda's eyes when they look at the twins. They real did care for them and I knew deep down they protect them too.

AW's pov

It had been a long महीना since my शिशु came to live where they rightfully belong. It had also be hard on them too. They opened up to us और and we learn a lot about them well Timmy और than our little flower. She was hard to read. She told us a lot a lot herself. We learned she loved reading, writing, फिल्में crime shows didn't like horror फिल्में expect Jaws and Cheesy ones. We learn so much about her but she never spoke about the nightmare and I had a feeling she was hiding something else too then Cozzie found out one night that are baby was musical gift!


"It's not that big of a deal guys!" she कहा

"Sis why didn't आप tell me?" asked Timmy

"Because it not that big of a deal I'm not that good"

"My dear little princess आप can sing, play the पियानो and play गिटार that is amazing!" कहा my Cozzie

"Are आप embarrassed baby?"

She nodded

"I scared I be laughed at"

End of flash back

It hurt to see that she was hiding a beautiful gift and it turn out Timmy was a good singer too!

What really hurt was what those no good adults did to my poor babies.

Flash back

I found my शिशु on the floor crying in their human home. What had happen to make my शिशु so sad. I saw a note on the floor I'm not that great of a reader but I pick it up there was one thing that stood out और than anything else.

We प्यार u we guess

I felt my anger boil how could anyone be so cure to my babies! I anti-poof us home. MY Cozzie and Daddy showed up and I दिखाना them the note.

I quickly went to my little girl and held her tight she wrapped her arms around and held tight too. My Cozzie was planning something I could tell, my father held Timmy close. The three of us stay with the शिशु till they both fell asleep. We took them to बिस्तर and gave those no good humans a lot bad luck then erased their memories of the babies.


"Yes my love?"

"Can we keep them forever?" I asked

He smiled

"Yes dear there are just a few things that need to be done first and leave to me my love"

end of flashback

It was time for school for my शिशु I went to wake Timmy first but he was already up getting ready so I went to see if my little फूल was to.

Ac's pov

It had been a महीना since Timothy and Rosalie came to live with us and it had been a weird महीना at that.

One दिन Timothy came घर with black eye saying that he was in the bathroom while Rosalie was suck in class talking with the teacher about Fairies. I wonder why the school hadn't fired him maybe I should do something about that. HMM..

So he told me that the school bully Francis had beat him up in the bathroom. I had Anti-Rip look him over to find out he had और scars and bruise that he had gotten from Victoria या as everyone called her Icky Vicky and the bully. We also found out from both of them the emotional abuse they took from their own parents! Then there was that दिन they got note.


I heard my family Anti-poof into the room and wanted to see how their दिन was since father was here (he means HP) for रात का खाना he came with me. We went into the room and I saw my children crying horrible. My wife handed me a letter I read it my blood boiled, I could see father was boiling too. He went and held Timothy tight as my प्यार had Rosalie.

We wait till the two fell asleep when the did we went after the humans we dare hurt our children. After that my प्यार asked if we to keep them forever I knew we could I just had to find away to make them immortal without pissing off Stupid Jorgen because then we would lose them.

End of flashback

I smiled after that the twins opened up to us और and that was so amazing. They really did trust us but I still deep wished they call us their parents. The twins had made a few wish nothing important really just small ones. We learn a lot about them too. Like Rosalie was musical gift and Timothy was an amazing artist.


It had been one when I couldn't sleep so I went to get so चाय then head back to बिस्तर I heard the पियानो playing and someone singing.

I went to the संगीत room and I saw Rosalie playing and गाना this song amazingly.

"My Immortal" lyrics

I'm so tired of being here
Suppressed द्वारा all my childish fears
And if आप have to leave
I wish that आप would just leave
'Cause your presence still lingers here
And it won't leave me alone

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase

When आप cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But आप still have
All of me

आप used to captivate me द्वारा your resonating light
Now I'm bound द्वारा the life आप left behind
Your face – it haunts my once pleasant dreams
Your voice – it chased away all the sanity in me

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase

I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone
But though you're still with me
I've been alone all along

...me, me, me.


She jumped about 10 feet

"AC how long have आप been there"

"Long enough to know आप can sing and play the piano!"

end of flashback

She went red. I later found that none knew about this and that she was scared to be made fun of. I made her sing to Foop, Father, Sanderson, Timothy my प्यार and myself. She could also play गिटार too. She कहा she taught herself when she stay after school to avoid the bullies.

I smiled my children were perfect.

"COZZIES!" I hear my dear wife yell

"What wrong dear?" I asked

"Our फूल is Sick!"

"OH dear" I will call your brother dear

She nodded and I called my brother-in-law

Timmy's pov

I had to get up for school lucky it was Friday and then it would be the weekend. I knew Rose hadn't been feeling well I could see though she act like nothing was wrong why would she? She hate to be treat like she was helpless but at the same time she wanted attention and प्यार as did I.

I wondered if Cosmo Wanda and Poof missed us because Rose I did miss them a lot. Not that we didn't like AW, AC and Foop they were our family now too. I just hope we could all be together.

I heard AW yell for Ac


"What wrong dear?" he asked

"Our फूल is Sick!"

"OH dear" I will call your brother dear

Rose was sick! I ran to her room when AW stop me sweet आप need to let her rest and आप still have school!


"Timothy your uncle is on his way to check her out she be in good hands" कहा AC

"But I want to help take care of her!" I protested

"TIMMY!" yelled Anti-Binky

"HI AB!" I said

"I'm taking आप to school today make sure आप are safe!"

I bit my lip

"Timothy she be I promise" कहा Uncle (Anti-Rip Studwell)

I nodded and AB anti poof me to school I was hoping Rose could be able to answer the सवालों to come.

Rose's pov

Once again I let out a cough that hurt my whole body. I let out a groan of pain and pulled the blankets closer to me trying to warm my body which felt like ice. I closed my praying for a few और hours of sleep before I had to suffer through 8 hours of school. I was still trying to warm myself but to no avail and I shivered more.

I must have fallen asleep because I woke up द्वारा the sound of my alarm clock which was giving me a headache. I shut it off and got out of बिस्तर with a groan.

I felt like crap and I was so tired still.

There was a knock at the door. Great just want I need company

"Yes?" I answered weakly

Damn I was tired I thought to myself

"Baby आप ok?" Asked AW

"Fine, just tried that is all" I lied well some what I was tried

I didn't like to worry them anyone really beside it was probably just a cold.

"Can I come in?" she asked

Shit I thought and I sighed

"Ok" I answered

I knew I look like shit because I felt like it so she would see this a worry like hell and I hate to worry her. She was so sweet and I hated anyone to worry about little old me.

"Baby your sick!" she yelled as soon as she was in the room.

She flew over to me a place a hand on my forehead

"You are burning up baby! Lay back down and I will get daddy he know what to do!"

I nodded and did as I was told I was to tried and weak to fight back. She and Ac wanted us to call them mom and dad. A big part me wanted to but I was scared that Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof would hate me! I couldn't live with that if they did.

Ac was soon in the room after he called Uncle. AW was holding me and I was leaning on her enjoying the moment of being loved.

"Rosalie, why didn't आप say anything?" AC asked

"Didn't want to worry you" I answered with a weak smile

I felt AW hold tighter, Ac sighed but smiled back which made me happy

"You just rest DARS will be here soon" (Doctor Anti Rip Studwell)

"I'm fine it probably just a cold I been through worst!" I said

I suddenly realized what I कहा and quickly covered my mouth.

Damn it why did I say that I thought

"WORST!!!!!!!!!!!" Yelled AC

"Cozzie don't yell at our baby" AW said

"I'm not yelling at our princess dear I mad she been through worst that is all"

I sighed and knew what he would say अगला but I think I was finally ready to talk

AC's pov

Hearing that my little princess had been through worst worried me deeply. DID those humans ever take care of them या were the alone till Wanda and Cosmo came into their lives?

"Rosalie after your uncle looks आप over I think आप should answer so questions" I कहा calmly but in a tone that was telling she had no choose in the matter.

I thought she yell at me, tell me off, but what happen shocked me and I finally knew she trusted us.

"I think I'm ready to tell आप guys" she कहा leaning on her mother more

My प्यार held her close and smiled at me. Her eyes saying our baby loves us!

I smiled at the sight before me but I dearly wished that she and Timothy would call us mom and dad.

Soon my brother-in-law looked our little girl over my dear wife staying द्वारा her side. I had sent Timothy to school with his other uncle hoping he worry less at school probably not knowing my son he worry for his sister deeply.

He came out of the room and looked at me.

"Well?" I asked

"She has a bad case of the flu and..."

"What!" I yelled

"She has scars Ac and self inflicted one too they are few years old but where they are says she gave them to them herself. But she has a major scar on her back like she was hit with a hard object maybe even a car"

I was in shock why would she hurt herself and who had hit her and why. I would destroy them! I floated into the room to see my sweet wife still holding her but Rosalie eyes were closed and she was breathing slowly.

"Shh our baby is sleeping"

I floated over and sat on the other side of our daughter. I kissed her forehead she was still burning up. She stirred a little her बैंगनी, वायलेट eyes opened.

"hey baby" my dear wife कहा to her

"Hi" she कहा sleepily


"I'm ready to talk guys. I think if I hold it in anymore I'm going to snap!"

"Ok take your time princess" I कहा while rubbing her back

She smiled at us and started her story.

Rose's pov

I took in a deep breath closed my eyes and I began.

I was eight years old at the time it was हैलोवीन night Timmy and I had made plans to go trick या treating with friends. He was going with Chester and A.J. then having a sleep over at A.J.'s place. I was going with my best friend Tony. Tony and I became फ्रेंड्स in preschool and stay फ्रेंड्स since then. We had a great time together we went as knight and a princess."

I took a सेकंड to breath.

"We were having a great time but it was getting late into the night so we decided to go to home. I was staying the night with Tony and his family since my parents were at an office party. We had made a huge hull our bags were filled to the top. So we started to head to his place. We had to पार करना, क्रॉस the street..."

I knew I was crying because I could feel Ac rubbing my back and Aw holding me close.

"We looked both ways no was coming from either side so we start to पार करना, क्रॉस the सड़क, स्ट्रीट a few piece of कैन्डी fell out of Tony's bag so he went back to clean it up. At the time his parents took in out hull and was getting ready to help us make sure it was safe. So I went to help Tony get the कैन्डी that had fallen. The सड़क, स्ट्रीट was still safe, we had just gotten the last piece when there was a bright light and pain"

I took a deep breath

"I was in so much pain but I saw Tony bleeding and I went to him ignoring my pain. Tony's parents were calling 911 and neighbors were running after the car. I lean over him and told him that we were going to be ok.."

I was barely breathing at this point.

"Sweetie आप can stop" कहा mom

Did I just call her mom I thought

"NO I need to finish"

"Are आप sure Rosalie?" asked Dad

Yep I see them as my parents now I thought

I nodded

"He told me he loved me and had since he meant me he kissed my check and died. I knew he was dead I just could feel it. Soon after I was in the hospital for a while. The Turners were pissed about it too. After I was out the funeral happened and Tony's parents moved away. Time went द्वारा and the nightmares began. I started to relive that night over and over."

I rubbed my eyes.

"When I started to scream the Turner out pissed and threated to throw me into intuition if I didn't stop. Timmy started to sleep with me and for a while the stop. Yet I started to feel guilty why did I live when he died? So I started cutting myself as punishment for living when he didn't. I did this for two years before Timmy caught me in the act. After he told me he wouldn't know what he have done if I had died I realized I had to be there for him so I stop. Started to hide my depression from everyone included Cosmo and Wanda. I guess I was so used to having parents that didn't care that I thought none would care about me."

"I know I was wrong now but I hated being weak and I do anything to make sure Timmy was सुरक्षित and happy that it" I कहा with a yawn

"Go back to sleep Rosalie" कहा Dad

"We talk और when आप wake up and I stay right here and make sure आप have no bad dreams baby!" कहा mom

"OK mom ok Dad" I कहा with a yawn

I didn't realize that I had just called them mom and dad, but I really didn't care.