Timmy has a twin sister named Rose Turner. She is smarter than Timmy loves reading, writing, gaming like Timmy. She has बैंगनी, वायलेट eyes and red hair. Can sing really well and plays पियानो and गिटार , but no one knows not even Timmy. She also has fighting skills that once again none knows about. Also extreme protect of her प्यार ones and snaps when आप mess with them. Also no buck teeth. Both are 13

Rose's pov

I was biting my lip to the point where it was probably bleeding द्वारा now. My brother and myself made a deal with the anti-fairies and the pixies if they won we would become their god children and so far the anti-fairies were winning and Timmy for some reasons had pick Cosmo for the last event and he was so far be hide.

"Shit" I whispered

I glanced over my brother he had the same look on his face.I took his hand held it tight it was all I could do. I couldn't look at Wanda या Poof. The spokesperson was speaking and since he was a fairy had worry tone in his voice.

"It's the anti-fairies in the lead follow द्वारा the Pixies where is Cosmo?"

Cosmo suddenly came out of nowhere they were all in the same place neck and neck. I closed my eyes.

Timmy's pov

I held my Sister hand tight I shouldn't have drag her into this, but once she gets an idea in her head well lets say it is over from there. Besides we were family we would stand द्वारा each other no matter what! I watched the racing praying that picking Cosmo wasn't a mistake so it was looking like it. The announcer spoke

"It's the anti-fairies in the lead follow द्वारा the Pixies where is Cosmo?"

Cosmo suddenly came out of nowhere they were all in the same place neck and neck. Rose eyes were closed and I prayed.

"And the winner is Anti-Cosmo...."

My दिल dropped and I knew Rose was either pissed या crying maybe both.

"Well children we have a deal no?" came that British voice I didn't want to hear.

"Leave them alone आप evil jerk!" yelled Wanda

"Yeah they are just kids!" yelled Cosmo

Anti-Cosmo laughed

"I'm afraid not"

He pointed his wand at us and are clothes change to that of black shorts and black t-shirt on my a skull on Rose a black rose.

I rolled my eyes at that so did Rose herself.

Once again Wanda, Cosmo and Poof guard us. Anti-Cosmo look mad but smirked.

"Very well let आप say your good-byes then we must be off children"

I nodded I couldn't speak

"Yes Sir.." कहा Rose

We कहा our goodbyes Wanda try to make us make a wish so we would be safe, but we weren't going to run away from this we had to do it.

Jorgen's pov

I was pissed but not at the children at Cosmo the brainless fairy and the anti-fairies. The children were in danger now. There had to be away to save them Da Rules had to have something या Cosmo would pay dearly

Anti-Cosmo's pov

We Anti-fairies finally after so long of wanting it, dream of it we finally had Godchildren and My wife and I were the first and to चोटी, शीर्ष it off we had probably two of the most special children ever! Timothy and Rosalie Turner they were also the Chosen Ones.

I watched them say good bye to those stupid परियों who couldn't truly take care of the twins.

"Father we won?" asked my son Foop

I smiled

"We did meet your new god-sister and god brother"

He smirked and stuck his tongue out a Poof. I had change their clothes to fit that of an anti परियों evil shorts, black कमीज, शर्ट for Timothy his hair was now black as well as his hat. Rosalie it was just her clothes. She had an odd hair color and eyes which I loved. Both of MY god-children were kind unlike most humans some what smart, and so much more.

The Twins had to help each other out deadly problems sometimes without magic the get I.O.U. notes. I had spied on the too many of a time making sure they were alright. Now everyone thinks we Anti-fairies are evil we aren't we would never kill. All we want was are own godchild was that a crime? To the परियों it was.

Anyway the twins seem to be a magnet for danger या those stupid परियों were.

The twins and the former god parents were in tears. Now would probably be the best time to leave, yes taking them away from them was mean but a deal is a deal. They both knew this.

"Timothy Rosalie time to go" I said

Timothy and Rosalie sighed

"I प्यार आप guys" they said

"We प्यार आप to Timmy and Rosy "

I snickered at the lame nicknames for the twins they hugged them again.

"It Rose not Rosalie" कहा Rosalie

"It Timmy" कहा Timothy

I rolled my eyes and with a wave of my wand we were gone.

Rose's pov

We arrived in Anti-Fairy world in the गढ़, महल own द्वारा my new godparents. I was pissed off and scared but और scared. I look at Timmy the only thing I had left from my family. I knew we were not going to leave the गढ़, महल unless for school या if we were with Anti-Cosmo या Anti-Wanda.

"Welcome घर ya" came a southern accent

She came out with a सैंडविच in her feet, I held back a laugh. I couldn't let AC know that I could be happy here with them. I sighed this was it.

"Timothy and Rosalie?" came AC voice he sound genuinely worried

I snapped out of my train of thought.

"Come again?" I asked

"We like to दिखाना आप around Rosalie" कहा AC

"Sounds good and please call me Rose!"

He laughed and ruffled my hair I was most likely blushing.

"Sorry Rosalie but no dice" he said


The गढ़, महल was amazing it had everything a pool, game room, movie room, संगीत room and so on. I glanced at my brother he was amazed too.

"Maybe it won't be so bad after all" I thought to myself

"Children we having a party tonight " कहा Ac

"It be huge!" yelled AW

I smiled a little

"But first आप two should rest आप can sleep in one of the guest rooms till we have your rooms made up" कहा AC

It was odd but Foop hadn't spoken much and well I didn't know what to say to him.

"I will दिखाना them to their rooms father!" कहा Foop

"Good I have business to finish"

"What kind of Business?" asked Timmy

"Oh it's nothing Timothy"

Soon we were left alone and I pass out.

Timmy's pov

After seeing the huge and I mean Huge गढ़, महल we were in rooms resting. I missed Wanda,Cosmo and Poof a lot and I was hoping to God that this was a messed up dream that I wake up from soon, but deep down I knew that wasn't going to happen. I sighed Rose had pass out and I don't blame her. It had been a hell of a day. I looked at myself in the mirror. It was weird but I didn't mind the look anymore. I wonder if Wanda Cosmo या Poof enough missed us I hoped they do I really do.

I decided to rest myself and then find a. way home.... I sighed who was I trying to fool that place had never really been घर not to us, it hadn't for a long time. I couldn't remember the last time Mom या dad कहा I प्यार you, या hug us, were truly there for us. I knew my sister suffered major depressing she had since the horrible हैलोवीन night. Mom and dad didn't care and she hides from everyone, but me.

One time I was able to sleep and I went for a glass of warm दूध finding her in there cutting herself, blaming herself for what happen. I was able to stop her and she no longer does it thank God. It shocked me that Wanda didn't see how hurt she was but my sister knew how to act around others so not even Wanda, Cosmo या Poof knew that she was depressed.

I thought about our mom and dad again.... Did they प्यार us at all? The forget our names, birthday, school events left with a babysitter who tries to kill us, doesn't listen to us...

I can feel the tears roll down my check. I laid down and cried wondering did anyone really care about us?

AC's pov

I decided to copy the twins rooms down to the last detail I wanted them to feel at घर here सुरक्षित and loved.

"Cozzie? "came my loves voice

"I am back dear just making sure the twins feel at घर here!" I कहा smiling

"I know that's but I got a bad feeling for the शिशु upstairs" she said

"Why dearie?"

"I don't know but I feel like they are sad"

"Dear they did just lose what they use too"

"No it's not that it is something else"

"Dear it be ok just let Timothy and Rosalie rest"

"Ok Cozzie"

I anti poof to the Turner household and go to Timothy's room first I use my wand a copy everything down to the last detail I do the same for Rosalie as well. I frown I knowing soon enough everything that the twins wished for will be...

It happen everything was gone . The beds were empty but for a thin blanket and pillow. Timothy's toys were gone there wasn't even one left. Rosalie's पुस्तकें were gone too. In my दिल something felt wrong didn't their parents give them gifts?

"Tommy Mary where are you?" came a female

"She not in her room" came a male voice

"Same with Tommy" कहा Ms. Turner

"Well at least those brats clean their rooms" कहा Mr. Turner

My blood boiled, did their own father just call them brats!? Worst they didn't know their own children's name?!

"Yeah, they so annoying हे let's go to Mexico we can have Vicky check on them while we are gone!" कहा Mrs. Turner happily

I start to take deep breaths, I want to hurt them so bad now. How did the twins survive so long alone? I anti-poof घर before I hurt those assholes. I knew और than ever that the twins need a family a real one. I think my प्यार and I were just the ones to do it. Then I heard Rosalie scream.

I flew to her room as fast as I could.