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posted by Sadi59
Hi Ellen, My name is Peggy Stark from North Platte Ne. I belong to a group of women called the Army of Angels. We hold fund raisers for people in our community. Most of the time it is for Cancer victims, we have done benefits for a lot of children. We have also donated to people for क्रिस्मस and Thanksgiving. Whether it be खाना या gifts we try to make as many people happy during the holidays.
We are all just middle class citizens but प्यार what we are doing.
We all प्यार आप and your दिखाना we were talking one night at one of out meetings about how fun it would be to come to your show. I thought well I guess I should write आप a letter and see if that would be possible. Most of us are in out 50's and 60's but we do have a few young ones in their 20;s.
Just want to say thank आप for what आप do for everyone आप are amazing. Have a wonderful दिन Ellen and God Bless.
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My dog Tasha loves to lick my face when I have an oatmeal mask face treatment. Feeding a wild bird on my deck.
posted by toonergirl
I am the mother of a son that tragically died in a car accident. He was eleven years old. I feel uniquely qualified to write a book about this loss.
My loss turned incredibly worse when I was informed that my husband was driving the car my two children were in, and alcohol was involved. I was devastated, shocked and confused. I had no idea he had taken them in the car when he was not only drunk...he was wasted.
I found myself slowly moving through the four phases of grief without knowledge of the importance of each phase. I had no idea how to deal with grief या that it could rear its ugly head twenty years later .
With a lot of help, I finally figured out that my future could give me a pleasant life even if the pain was tattooed forever on my heart.
I have self-published my book on वीरांगना, अमेज़न and I encourage आप to read my story and see how I managed depression so black I was afraid of LIFE. It is available now. It is called Eleven To Heaven
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Jessie, our 9 साल old चॉकलेट cocker चाटुकार, स्पैनियल starts talking/whining as soon as she hears the person through the speaker ask to take our order. She knows there is a tidbit coming her way 😋. Enjoy!
drive thru
This is a story about a friend who asked a friend for a ride to the church , खाना pantry. The driver of the friend receiving assistance , who is also related to the director of the खाना pantry had to walk out due to discrimination. The director went out of bounds, द्वारा rude actions forcing the driver to not only walk out and not be able to help friend stock up on food. But also proceeds to tell friend , that driver is not allowed to come back. Then the driver calls the church to रिपोर्ट this discrimination and they tell driver that खाना pantry is separate from church. So driver asked what to do about reporting such a matter and church secretary says Pastor will be in contact with driver. The director of खाना pantry is only अभिनय this way towards driver because it is her ex-daughter in-law . The friend and driver thought this would make a great दिखाना because it shows the lack of care in the church, as well as discrimination amongst a family.
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posted by keeby1

My name is Claudia I am a direct descendant of the Clotilda Africans. The last known slave ship that illegally carried slaves to Mobile, Alabama in 1860.

In 1860 slavery was abolished. Due to a bet या say और of a challenge Timothy Meaher a rich Planation owner placed wagered 110 slaves were transported and smuggled to Mobile Bay.

The story sounds unreal but it is real...and I am honored to be part of such history.

Recently wreckage of the ship is believed to be found.

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Source: Sent द्वारा GG, Great-grandma>
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Source: Gary Samson
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posted by kb00025
Hello Ellen,

My wife would watch your दिखाना everyday, she always कहा however here दिन was going that आप would cheer her up. I लॉस्ट my job in August and it has been a major struggle getting by. We have a 6 साल old son that is so excited for Christmas, it brakes my दिल to look at him because unless things turn around there wont be a क्रिस्मस for him. I started to watch your दिखाना as well, I know what my wife means now because for an घंटा a दिन I can smile and forget about all that is going on and wanted to thank आप for making me smile and forgetting life's struggles just for a little bit of my day.