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Nny stepped into the clearing. Bobby, Zim, Angel, Nia, and Scorch were there. 'No Sparky.' he thought, remembering what happened the last time they saw eachother. 'Good.'
Suddenly, a झाड़ी, बुश rustled near Scorch and a चीपमक, चिपमंक jumped out with a squeak. Scorch squealed and backed right into Bobby. "HEY! Watch were yer going!" Bobby yelled before giving him a wedgie. Zim laughed. "Pathetic Lightopian!" It was Nia's turn. "Guys, stop! That isn't nice!" she said.
"Oh yeah?" replied Bobby, "And who's gonna make us?"
"A little help here, Angel!" Nia growled. "G-man..." एंजल sniffed.
They all froze when...
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