1.What is your प्रिय color?
B.Blue and/or purple

2.If आप had a दिन to do whatever आप wanted to do,what would आप do?
B.Do some internet research या catch up on some reading.
C.EAT कचरा, जंक, रद्दी FOOD!!!Donuts....XD

3.Which चीपमक, चिपमंक would आप date?

4.What color hair do आप have?
A.I'm a redhead.
B. I am Brunette<3

5.How do आप WEAR your hair?
A.Just a ponytail.
B.Kind of over my head;it's a different look.

6.Would आप survive in the wild?
A.Heck no!My hair would get all frizzed up and I'd have to sleep...OUTSIDE.And why would I wear the same outfit every day???
B.Yup.I would gather materials right away and concentrate on surviving.
C.Not sure.I'm too lazy to do all that.:(

7.What is your personality BEST described as?
A.Trendy;kind of a diva.
B.Smart;I'm quite curious.
C.Sweet;I प्यार seeing smiles on people's faces.<3<3<3

8.If आप went to a party,what would आप do?
A.Dance my butt off and have a great time!!!XD
B.*sigh*I wouldn't do much.If आप saw me at a party,I'd most likely be sitting on the सोफ़ा, सोफे पढ़ना a book.:'(
C.Introducing myself and complementing everyone's outfit!:)

9.Did आप enjoy this quiz?
A.Hmm...it was OK,but now I BARELY have any time to pick out my outfit for tomorrow!>:(
B.Very interesting!:DD
C.I think it was really fun!!!So cool!!!<3<3<3<3

If आप got mostly A's,you're BRITTANY!!You प्यार accessorizing and have a trendy personality.Sometimes आप tend to think about only yourself,though.Don't sweat it,though.You've still got a good दिल and प्यार fashion.You also प्यार दिखा रहा है off your amazing dance moves.You प्यार the spotlight and have great confidence.Good job!!!:DDD

If आप answered mostly B's,you're JEANETTE!!You're a very talented person.Your curiosity shines through every दिन and आप प्यार learning new things.At the same time,you're extremely intelligent yet shy at times.You tend to not take risks.Don't be afraid of the spotlight--just worry about having a great time!Overall,you're a very nice person.Keep it up!!:DDD

If आप answered mostly C's,you're ELEANOR!You have a great quality:you're extremely nice!!Your generosity is loved द्वारा everybody आप meet!(Well,maybe those mean girls in Chipwrecked didn't)but still!!You are so sweet and a great person!!Way to go!!!:DDD

Hoped आप liked the quiz!!Tell me who आप are in the comments!!