हे guys it's me, Brittany Miller! I am the cartoon, not the CGI so don't flip :) I don't have big cheeks like that girl and I am TOTALLY beautiful!! WOW that sounded vain but oh well. Well I'm glad आप guys like my band!! I hope आप continue to post सवालों and topics and other stuff on here. I प्यार this club!! I'm so happy that someone made it- they are AWESOME!! Please let me know if it was you- I want to be your प्रशंसक ASAP!!
Do आप guys have sisters? Are they cool? My sisters are BEAST- we can do anything together!
Have आप ever had a crush? I have a MONSTER crush on Alvin Seville but I don't want him to know so I always fight with him... I'm a little confused when it comes to love. sigh. Oh well. I'll figure it out someday.
Have any of आप become a प्रशंसक of the FREAKISH page? I HAVE!! Me and the girl who made it, isabella या something are the only प्रशंसकों so far so JOIN!!