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Canada supports the सेकंड largest gray भेड़िया population in the world, after Russia. भेड़िया habitat is diverse in this large country where, historically, भेड़िया ranged in most areas. Currently, भेड़िया in Canada occupy approximately 90 percent of their historic range (range lines not depicted). The 10 percentage without भेड़िया is primarily near the southern border, except near Lake Superior where भेड़िया still live. See individual provinces.

Common Name: gray wolf, loup (French)
Latin Name: Canis lupus

Gray भेड़िया Subspecies 1
Common Name: arctic wolf
Latin Name: Canis lupus arctos

Gray भेड़िया Subspecies...
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A howling good time …
दिन Trips and Overnight Stays
for groups of all ages at the International भेड़िया Center!

Let the International भेड़िया Center plan the adventure of a lifetime for your group of ten या more!

Visit Minnesota's भेड़िया country for a few hours या a whole week. We'll custom डिज़ाइन an adventure to fit your budget, educational standards, badge requirements and your dreams.

Your fun and educational भेड़िया experience can include:

Observation of the Center's ambassador wolves.
Exploration of award-winning exhibits for adults and children
On-site Programs investigating the world of the भेड़िया and their prey.
Field Trips featuring hands-on learning through outdoor activities.
Additional Speciality Activities.

for और info call ...

1-800-ELY-WOLF (1-800-359-9653)
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Lorsque vous êtes toujours sur le vagabondage dans les rues abandonné de Dieu de The Damned, pour l'écume de la terre vous le faire la nuit. Et quand vous rôdent la nuit vous apprendre à sentir la levant ou couchant du soleil.
«Je déteste cette ville stupide, c'est juste pleins d'ordures pourries et des voleurs."
J'ai soupiré
Mieux de retourner à la grotte ou le bloc aura à moi.
J'ai mis mon masque et de retour sur les toits colombe hors de la rue vide en dessous.
"Tu as, tu morceau de merde."
Je jetai un regard en arrière sur mon épaule et jeta négligemment un de mes couteaux...
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My प्रिय place is among the tall, majestic redwood trees of northern California, of which I still think of as my home. But the most special place in my दिल that only few I have told about, is on a cliff over looking the Pacific.
Where the trees end and the short meadow begins I have never felt और at peace than I did there. I sit with the trees to my back with my legs hanging off the cliff, just sitting with the cool breeze blowing against my face. I watch the waves gently lap against the समुद्र तट और than a thousand feet below me. Though it is of great height I know that I will not fall,...
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this is really funny!!!!