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 केला, केले Joe Gumball
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केला, केले crazy mouth
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Gumball and Darwin are running away from Tina in the school hallway. Gumball tips over Rocky's water bucket while Rocky was cleaning the floor. This causes Tina to slip and fall but she uses the soap to glide across the floor and continues chasing Gumball and Darwin. Gumball and Darwin runs into the पुस्तकालय and gets cornered between bookshelves and Gumball starts pulling books, hoping that it will open a secret entrance. Tina traps them and asks them to say sorry for telling her that she cannot have पियानो lessons due to her short arms. Gumball refuses and Darwin leaves Gumball alone to face...
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Sing along. आप know the words! Uploaded द्वारा केला, केले Joe
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केला, केले
केला, केले joe
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The केला, केले family is just Bananas for pizza! LOL! XD
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the job
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Ivy the green hedgehog is now part of the gumball family and now ready at first he feels weird but he gets happy later on,he got headphones,got a huge huge epic crush on carrie and his best firend is the puff guy,stay tune and aka he my charather. Yaaaaaa आप can check out this artice on oct something i dont knw i will see, anyways i hope u like my chararther in my new story ok guys im gonna start the new artice rigth now oh and i will soon दिखाना u what he looks like. ♪♪ see ya in the new story ♪♪ add me if u want shadouge 101

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