टर्मिनेटर टर्मिनेटर प्रशंसक film nominated for an EMPIRE award!!

termintrFanfilm posted on Jan 30, 2012 at 10:07PM
Hellllo Terminator fans!!

We just had a Terminator Fan film nominated for an EMPIRE award!!

Like Terminator? You'll LOVE this!! We've always loved Terminator so we decided to make a spoof of Terminator 1, if we get enough votes we'll win the competition, if we do the plan is to make Terminator 2 next year!! So if you like what we did, pleeeeeze vote to encourage us to make more Terminator films!!

Also search for our facebook group, "Terminator in 60 seconds" or drop me a message on facebook if you wanna be added, my names Gareth Soens-Hughes

Pleeeeze VOTE for it here & SHARE THE LINK WITH YOUR FRIENDS, they'll LOVE it, it's number 15:



PS voting is open for a month so... I'LL BE BACK asking you to vote again :)

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