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Funny American Express commercial pitting Andy Roddick against the infamous computer game opponent Pong.
andy roddick
american express
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 Keep calm and play.
Keep calm and play.
Hi everyone, since I started playing टेनिस earlier this year. I would like to write down my favourite टेनिस player who inspire me to play!

1. Roger Federer

He was the very first Swiss टेनिस player who inspires me to start tennis. I hope that he will continue to play या best, give motivational talks to young टेनिस players around the world!

2. Rafael Nadal

Yes, the Spaniard who carried the flag of Spain for this year's Olympics in Rio. He is the runner-up to Roger in this list, they are both like brothers whenever they pose for a चित्र together, mainly because of their long hair.

3. Andy Murray...
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