टेलीविज़न 2010-2011||TV Guide-TV Characters We Lost|| If आप could bring back one of them who will it be?

Pick one:
Little J, Gossip Girl
Charlie Harper, Two and a Half Men
Lisa Cuddy, House
Terri Schuester, ग्ली
Vincent Nigel-Murray, बोन्स
Debbie Wilson, 90210
Governor Pat Jameson, Hawaii Five-0
Michael Scott, The Office
Naomi Bennett, Private Practice
Captain Roy Montgomery, गढ़, महल
Vanessa, Gossip Girl
Mike Franks, एन सी आइ एस#Naval Criminal Investigative Service
Lucy Fields, Grey’s Anatomy
Emily Prentiss, Criminal Minds
Ryan Matthews, 90210
Felicia Tilman, Desperate Housewives
Jenna Sommers, Vampire Diaries
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