टेलीविज़न HYPOTHETICAL SCENARIO: आप hit your head and wake up thinking आप work in a लोकप्रिय eatery या bar from TV. Where do आप work?

Pick one:
The आड़ू, पीच Pit from Beverly Hills 90210 ~ it's where all the cool kids hang out
Luke's भोजन करनेवाला, डिनर from Gilmore Girls ~ just remember, no cell phones allowed
Poor Richards' from The Office ~ also known as Meredith's सेकंड घर
Moe's from The Simpsons ~ आप can get anyway with anything here
McLarens' from HIMYM ~ beware a certain patron named "Barney"
Central Perk from फ्रेंड्स ~ the customers will keep आप laughing
The Pie Hole from Pushing Daisies ~ daily interaction with the Piemaker!
Monk's from Seinfeld ~ at least आप aren't working for the सूप Nazi
सक्रब्स Cafeteria
सक्रब्स Cafeteria
Added by tvman
Cheers Bar-Where everyone knows your name.
Added by Katreader
Joe&# 39; s from Grey&# 39; s Anatomy
Joe's from Grey's Anatomy
Added by ilovelv
Willy's Place
Added by JoeLaveau
piper club p3
piper club p3
Added by Mazs23451
Karen's Cafe
Added by Frankie_123
Mystic Grill (The Vampire Diaries)
Added by teampetrova
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