टेलीविज़न Favourite TV Kid(s)?

Pick one:
Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson - The Simpsons
Emma Geller-Green - फ्रेंड्स
James Scott - One पेड़ पहाड़ी, हिल
Justin Suarez - Ugly Betty
Maia Rutledge - The 4400
Michelle Tanner - Full House
मॉर्गन Matthews - Boy Meets World
Porter and Preston Scavo - Desperate Housewives
Rudy Huxtable - The Cosby दिखाना
Wyatt Haliwell - चार्म्ड
Stewie Griffin - Family Guy
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Aaron Littleton - लॉस्ट
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Rachel - House Md
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Michael Corinthos-Dylan Cash (GH)
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Karen - Outnumbered
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