टेलीविज़न Best law enforcement partnership with no romance या romantic potential (in my opinion)?

Pick one:
Catherine/ Tess (Beauty and the Beast)
Catherine/Tess (Beauty and the Beast)
Danny Reagan/ Maria Baez (Blue Bloods)
Danny Reagan/Maria Baez (Blue Bloods)
Danny Reagan/ Jackie Curatola (Blue Bloods)
Danny Reagan/Jackie Curatola (Blue Bloods)
Jamie Reagan/ Anthony Renzulli (Blue Bloods)
Jamie Reagan/Anthony Renzulli (Blue Bloods)
Ryan/ Esposito (Castle)
Ryan/Esposito (Castle)
Sherlock/ Kitty (Elementary)
Sherlock/Kitty (Elementary)
Nick/ Hank (Grimm)
Nick/Hank (Grimm)
Steve/ Danny (Hawaii Five- 0)
Steve/Danny (Hawaii Five-0)
Briscoe/ Green (Law & amp; Order)
Briscoe/Green (Law & Order)
Briscoe/ Logan (Law & amp; Order)
Briscoe/Logan (Law & Order)
Briscoe/ Curtis (Law & amp; Order)
Briscoe/Curtis (Law & Order)
Bernard/ Lupo (Law & amp; Order)
Bernard/Lupo (Law & Order)
Logan/ Cerreta (Law & amp; Order)
Logan/Cerreta (Law & Order)
Munch/ Tutuola (Law & amp; Order: SVU)
Munch/Tutuola (Law & Order:SVU)
Rollins/ Tutuola (Law & amp; Order: SVU)
Rollins/Tutuola (Law & Order:SVU)
Benson/ Amaro (Law & amp; Order: SVU)
Benson/Amaro (Law & Order:SVU)
Sam/ Callen (NCIS: Los Angeles)
Sam/Callen (NCIS: Los Angeles)
O&# 39; Hara/ Lassiter (Psych)
O'Hara/Lassiter (Psych)
Claudia/ Steve (Warehouse 13)
Claudia/Steve (Warehouse 13)
Peter/ Neal (White Collar)
Peter/Neal (White Collar)
Lily/ Scotty (Cold Case)
Lily/Scotty (Cold Case)
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Flynn/ Provenza (The Closer/ Major Crimes)
Flynn/Provenza (The Closer/Major Crimes)
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