टेलीविज़न What Is Your प्रिय Secret Some One Has Kept ?

Pick one:
annie was an escort 90210
annie killed some one
sutton kowning her mon-the lying game
sutton being behind alec arrest -the lying game
jake was a withch hunter (the secret circle)
jake knew cassie had a sister (the secret circle)
charles killed cassie mom (the secret circle)
cassie and diana are sisters (the secret circle)
aria kept ezra a secret from her फ्रेंड्स (pLL)
john was behind the curse that made adam forget about cassie
Emily's undercover life as Lauren Reynolds
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Joey trying to keep Chandler and Monica's relationship a secret-Friends
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aria kept her relationship with ezra a secret for a सेकंड time while everyone th
Who is a Cylon? (Battlestar Galactica)
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