Melanie Haynes
Nobody likes a know-it-all, but sometimes you’re glad to have one around. Enter Adam Conover and his hilarious investigative series link on TruTV.

In the हाल का episode “Adam Ruins Weight Loss,” actress link joins in the debunking activities as a Southern Chef going head-to-head with fat-free foods. Spoiler alert – they’re not so good for you.

What is good is Melanie. We discovered that she can also be seen in a couple of indie films streaming online, including the coming-of-age drama A COUNTRY CALLED HOME, and the touching drama HEARTLAND.

A proven character actress, Melanie has been working non-stop lately. Her credits include indie films like THE LAST MARK, TENDER MOMENTS and the upcoming ANTIQUITIES. She’s also appeared on the टेलीविज़न in THE MIDDLE, SALEM, A FACE TO KILL FOR, THE CON, ARREST & TRIAL, and THE DAILY APPLE. The Houston, Texas native, who now spends time in Los Angeles, has deep roots in the south, starting her performing career as a dancer with Patsy Swayze’s Houston Jazz Ballet Company.

Melanie Haynes recently took time to answer a few questions:

Tell us about your role in “Adam Ruins Everything.”

MELANIE: I play a Southern Chef in "Pauleen's Kitchen" who helps to illustrate how fat free foods are made palatable द्वारा adding extra sugar. It's a really fun little bit!

Did आप do anything specific to prepare for the role?

MELANIE: Well, I've been preparing my whole life! I was born in Kansas and moved to Texas later, so I've experienced a lot of down घर Southern type cooking and cooks! I've also watched and enjoyed Paula Deen's work!

How was it to work alongside Adam Conover? Any misconceptions about him?

MELANIE: Adam is a real sweetie and totally professional! The whole cast and crew was! But, Adam was even warmer and friendlier than I expected.

Was there any improv on set या did आप stick to the script?

MELANIE: This is a very tightly written and executed show, so we followed the script as written. The director did give me another line on set to help the flow of the scene. Other than adding a few oh's and ah's and maybe even a giggle या two, it was द्वारा the book.

What can आप share about your role in “A Country Called Home”?

MELANIE: I play the diabetic mother of one of the main characters - Reno, who is Trans - played द्वारा Mackenzie Davis. My character doesn't follow the सलाह of her physicians and lands in the hospital in a coma when we first see her. MacKenzie was an absolute gem to work with. My scenes are with her and Imogen Poots, who is also a sweetheart!

And, talk about your role in the dramatic indie film “Heartland”.

MELANIE: My character, Gail, is a Midwestern church lady who is best फ्रेंड्स with Beth Grant's character. She, another friend, played द्वारा Eve Gordon, and I are also involved in a pyramid scheme selling a health juice. We are loving and caring of our friend, but do not understand nor approve of the behavior of her lesbian daughter, played द्वारा Velinda Godfrey, who also co-wrote the script with Todd Waring.

If आप could choose, do आप prefer comedy या drama?

MELANIE: That's hard to say. I have always loved comedy and I am often cast in comedic roles. But it is always great to be able to sink my teeth into something emotional and dramatic, as well.

And, now just for fun:

Who’s your प्रिय actor/actress?

MELANIE: Oh, there are so many I प्यार - from the past and now!! I will say that I have been influenced in the past few years द्वारा Margo Martindale. When I started seeing her work in so many places, I thought there might still be a place for me to spread my wings and हटाइए beyond my local Texas market.

What role from the past do आप wish आप could have played?
MELANIE: Everything I ever auditioned for and didn't book! :-) Seriously, I admire so many great performances, but I prefer to look ahead to see what lies in store for me.

Favorite movie या TV दिखाना from your childhood.
MELANIE: Well, I'll definitely तारीख, दिनांक myself here! THE DICK वैन, वान DYKE SHOW, THE TWILIGHT ZONE, the original तारा, स्टार TREK, and then, MASH, THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW, ALL IN THE FAMILY and so on!

Tell us one thing that would surprise our readers to learn about you.
MELANIE: The first thing I wanted to be was a trapeze artist! My father built us a huge झूला, स्विंग set when we were kids, and I spent hours on the trapeze.

How can प्रशंसकों keep up with you?
MELANIE: There is a button to click on my अभिनय website link to add yourself to my mailing list.
My फेसबुक page: link is probably updated most often!