Claire Cohen
The हाल का Lifetime movie Britney Ever After was not without some controversy. Her steadfast प्रशंसकों are not happy with the un-authorized biopic about their pop princess.

One upbeat note was the appearance of Aussie-actress Claire Cohen as Britney’s Assistant. Claire got to relive some of the stars best (and worst) moments.

This role isn’t the only one that Claire has been gaining attention for. She recently starred as in the black comedy indie film Skid Row Love as a young woman torn between प्यार and heroin. She also appeared in the UN Human Rights office’s award winning short The Riddle supporting LGBTQ rights. She first hit the small screen back in Australian recurring as ‘Hazel’ on Nickelodeon’s hit-series Dance Academy.

Claire Cohen recently took time to answer a few questions:

Tell us about your role in Britney Ever After.

CLAIRE COHEN: I played Britney Spears' assistant following her divorce from Kevin Federline during her tumultuous days.

Did आप do anything different than normal preparing for the role because this was a biopic?

CC: Well because of it being a biopic about such an iconic figure there was a wealth of information out there for me to draw upon as well as my own प्यार of Britney Spears and her संगीत growing up. Like any role I am lucky enough to play I approached the role with the intention to be as authentic and in the moment of the scene as possible.

What would आप consider your characters ‘best’ quality? And their ‘worst’?

CC: Best quality, I would say is her willingness to have a good time and be in the moment. I think her worst quality is probably getting a bit carried away with having fun!

Do आप know if the real Britney Spears has seen the movie?

CC: I don't know if she has.

What’s your प्रिय Britney song?

CC: I have two प्रिय songs - Toxic and Perfume!

And, now just for fun:

Name one person आप would प्यार to work with in the future?

CC: I would प्यार to work with Helena Bonham Carter. Not only is she an incredible actress who has done some of my प्रिय roles from Fight Club to A Room With a View, I've always been told I look like her and could play her daughter!

What role from the past do आप wish आप could have played?

CC: Dottie Smith from Killer Joe द्वारा Tracy Letts. Juno Temple did such a wonderful job in the movie and I would प्यार to have had the opportunity to play Dottie as Tracy Letts is one of my all time प्रिय writers.

Favorite movie या TV दिखाना from your childhood.

CC: A Little Princess directed द्वारा Alfonso Cuarón. Such a beautiful films that I've watched countless times and wept at the end every single time!

Tell us one thing that would surprise our readers to learn about you.

CC: I originally wanted to be a classical musician and I am classically trained in singing, violin, french horn, piano, organ and flute.

How can प्रशंसकों keep up with you?

CC: They can follow me on my instagram link

Thank आप so much!

Claire Cohen in 'Britney Ever After'