I like two TV Game shows They are Wheel of Fortune where contestants spin a will with money and prizes then they call a letter if the letter is in the puzzle आप get the amount of money. There are bankrupt wedges if आप land on that in a round आप lose your money that आप earned from calling letter correctly. आप can buy vowels. there are 4 rounds and 3 tossups. the contestant with the most money द्वारा the end of the last round gets to the to the bonus round with in that case they will spin a और smaller wheel. The spin and pick out the puzzle out of the wheel. The contestant will give it to pat and he well tell आप the theme of the puzzle like phrase या before and after. in the puzzle some of the letter will appear. Then the contestant will pick 3 consonant and 1 vowel. after या if any of the letters are pick. The contestant will have 10 सेकंड्स if they get it corrected they win the amount of money that is in the prize wedge that they picked from the wheel. If they didn't solve it. they still get the amount that they won from the regular round. The other game दिखाना that I watch is Jeopardy where 3 contestant pick from 5 different categories. in the categories are clues that are related to the category. the clues have an amount of money if आप answer it corrected आप get the amount, If आप answer incorrect then they lose money in 1 one there is only one daily double which the contestant can wager money to put at risk या "Jeopardy" same rules apply for getting the answer correct या incorrect. then in the सेकंड round is the double Jeopardy round which is double jeopardy.There are 5 different categories with different clues the difference is the amount of money on the clues are bigger amounts. Also there are 2 daily doubles. It later comes to the final Jeopardy which is one category and one clue. The rules for the daily doubles apply in the final. the contestant that has the most money द्वारा the end of the game is the winner. and get's to go and play अगला days game. टिप्पणी दे on which TV game दिखाना आप find that आप like the most.