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Teen Titan's Alien member Starfire knows the location of a Dragon Ball and Vegeta will do ANYTHING to have it...SO ANYTHING GOES
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Hello Teen Titan Fans!This is MY version of what happen after starfire was sent to the future and how the teen titans broke up in the episode how long is forever PLEASE टिप्पणी दे and become a प्रशंसक if आप like this article. I worked on it very hard on it. If आप have any questions, या any way to make these stories better या want me to write another लेख about something else या have a request for me to write about something please send me a message. I'll make sure to answer आप and get right on लेखन और लेखाए आप request! I log on daily, Thank You!

Today is bortogh! The Tameranian festival...
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It was late at night, and Beast Boy was VERY hungry. He walked into the रसोई, रसोईघर and opened the refrigerator. Squat. "Aw!" Beast Boy shouted. He opened the freezer in hopes he could find any फ्रोज़न treats. Negative. Beast Boy walked back to his room hoping he could find something stashed away. Nada. "What's a guy gotta do to get some खाना around here?!?" Beast Boy antagonized. No one had made a point to go to the grocery store yet.

There's was only one thing left for Beast Boy to do-sneak into the Titans' rooms and see if there was any खाना in them. *They better be glad I can transform into different...
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