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One of my five fav eps. I'll put up all my favs. Make a coment if आप want an ep. I got them all.
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(In the hospital and raven and robin are waiting for someone to help) Robin: Raven What did he do in there? Raven: He destroyed my leter to myself. Robin: Im sorry. (he axidentaly pushes on ravens leg) Raven: (cries in pain)Robin! Robin: Im sorry!
Nurse: Raven! Dr.S. Is waiting for you! Robin: lets go. Raven: Could आप help? Robin: Sure (Robin carries her like a baby to the Operating Room and lays her down an an operating table) Dr.S.? Dr.S.: Yes I am Ready, Now Raven This will pinch just a little bit (He injects anastetic, a substance that can make आप numb, knock आप out and kill आप द्वारा stoping...
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Last time Slade was chasing me and trapped me in an alley. He told me I had power that could destroy the world. At that moment Robin and his friends, who I have no idea who they are, came and are now fighting him.

It was a harsh fight. Slade got hit a couple times, then Robin got hit a couple times. The green kid changed shape, he literally changed shape, into a T-Rex. He chased Slade out of the alley than the half robot dude hit him hard enough to send him flying down the street. That was the end of the fight for now.
"You alright?" asked the green kid.
"F..fine. T..thanks." I told him.
"So whats...
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