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posted by suzyisbrute
Hi everyone I do a Bible study on Sunday and wanted to know if आप would like to follow along if so I'll give आप homework and if needed places online to find scripture just incase आप loose या don't have a bible if so then your homework this week is to read Matthew 15

awesome but I need to take up अंतरिक्ष so.........I'll put a bunch of बिना सोचे समझे things about me

my fav show(s):Dexter's lab and ppg.

My fpb:Dex3fan.

My dream:to be a cartoonist.

My main oc/fc's:Bella,Baily,Darxy,and Malory.

चोटी, शीर्ष 10 people I've made up

1 Baily

2 Bella

3 Malory

4 Darxy

5 Katie

6 Eddy

7 personality of jean boy....(not a character just a joke I made up)

8 Della

9 Mary-Jean

10 Masondark/Susie/Sushie!!!lol


added by suzyisbrute
Source: me I drew that and picked the कद्दू ha!