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TDI/A/WT- Gwen&Duncan- किस the Girl

The girl all the bad guys want/ Gwen/Trent/Duncan

Gwen and Duncan गाना Fight For The सोना

Duncan and Gwen~Set आग To The Rain

GwenxDuncan find your प्यार

Duncan and Gwen Thunder

all DxG kisses in TDWT

Total Drama Voice of Reason (DxG vs DxC) The War Ends (Part 2)

Total Drama Voice of Reason (DxG प्रशंसकों vs DxC Fans) The Fighting Ends


Duncan and Gwen-Set आग to the rain ~Preview~

TD Wiki Interview #2


. It's a joy to be pregnant 3/4

Duncan and Gwen fall to pieces

Natrually DuncanXGwen

One of the boys GwenXDuncan

lullaby duncanxgwen

did it hurt?duncan and gwen

Little गॉथिक Ridinghood's theme

आप belong with me

DxG-You're gonna go far,Kid

⊙.☉ WTF.......

♥♪Duncan x Gwen - The Ghost Of You☼♥

dxg dirty little screat

GwenxDuncanxCourtney - Best फ्रेंड्स Brother

Skater Boy ~ Duncan,Courtney & Gwen

Thinking of आप Duncan/Gwen/Trent


DXG something to believe in

The Reason / Duncan Gwen Courtney

Duncan x Gwen x Courtney - शार्क In The Water

D+G - I Wanna Know आप


[♥] Duncan x Gwen [♥] - Fairytale (Saturday Night At The Apollo)

Skater Boy

Duncan x Gwen - Bleeding प्यार

TDI Gwen Has A Crush On Duncan

gwuncan mine

Duncan's सेकंड Elimination

Duncan x Gwen ~ E.T

TDI episode 23 part 2

TDI episode 23 part 1

Deleted Scene English

dxg vid done द्वारा me

{(''Fallen Star'')} ((Duncan x Gwen//Anti DxC))

Gwen Won't Say...that's she's in प्यार ♡

[♥]Duncan x Gwen[♥] - Just To Be Quiet

Trent♥Gwen♥Duncan: Nothin' on आप

Gwen and Duncan--Everlong

Gwen & Duncan~Smile

TDWT bonus from episode 24 in ENGLISH

Duncan and Gwen COSPLAY

Gwen and Duncan किस AGAIN!

//Mini AMV// Duncan X Gwen ((Anti Duncan X Courtney)) ~ Perfect {Punk x Goth = ♥}

[DRS Audition] Fallin' For आप

[{It Sucks - DRS My Mep part}] ((Duncan x Gwen))

∟DRS Audition!☠D + G☠

She need duncan (i think this is a little sad)


「DRS」 It's time to do it now and do it LOUD! // Duncan in Na Na Na!

Duncan and Gwen - Teenage Dream

Duncan And Gwen- Please Dont Go

DxG The Way I Loved आप


Äćĉórdιήg τό γσũ Ď›Ğ›Ț

duncan and gwen प्रशंसक art

TPWT - Materiał dodatkowy odc 24 (!! ENGLISH TRANSLATION !!)

♥○^_^○♥Duncan x Gwen - Inevitable♥○^_^○♥(Request for xXTaintedArtistXx )

✿❀//DunGwenIICan't Stand It\\✿❀

duncan x gwen weding singer



Duncan x Gwen - Ready for प्यार

♥↓DunGwen - लॉस्ट In You↑♥(Request for AmazingDream17)

DuncanxGwen - Accidentally In प्यार

DuncanxGwen-I'll Meet आप There

Gwen vs Courtney-Better than revenge

DuncanxGwen-Dj gotta us fallin in प्यार again

TDI/TDA/TDWT DxG ~ Teenage Dream

♥::DunGwen & Trentney - Firework (Christmas Surprise!!)::♥

Why I Support DxG

Duncan and Gwen movie #1

DunGwen kisses

drop of shame: gwen

TDWT Clip - Heather/Gwen/Courtney - Give me the Tape!

Duncan loves Gwen

Gwen loves Duncan

DunGwen किस bus scene

Prepare to be offended DxC fans!

think twice

Teenage Dream - Duncan & Gwen

D x G 2nd किस

Gwuncan duete

gwen y duncan my life would suck without आप

OMG Look

gwen and duncan face down

DxG किस

gwen and duncan so contagious

gwenxduncan trentxcourtney couples that need to happen