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posted by thegothchick
 Say that again,I dare you.
Say that again,I dare you.
Duncan:why do the four of us have to stay back here?
Chris:because we don't want u and heather bothering AxG.
Duncan:*eye twitches* say that again I dare आप *pulls out pocket knife*.
Chris:I have to go check on the प्यार birds *walks off*.
*with Alejandro & Gwen*
Gwen:*running & trips* AHHH!!!!
Alejandro:*kneels down द्वारा Gwen* were does it hurt?
Gwen:my ankle I think it's broken.
Alejandro:don't हटाइए it.
Gwen:o-okay *starts to tear up*.
Alejandro:it will be okay I'm here. I'll get आप help.
Gwen:don't leave me here alone.
Alejandro:I would never do that to you.
Gwen:thank आप * hugs Alejandro carefully*
Alejandro:*hugs back* come on*picks Gwen up bridal style*.
Gwen:but the challenge.
Alejandro:forget the challenge I just want आप safe.


Alejandro:I think I might actually have feelings for Gwen now.
Gwen:he's an AWSOME friend and I'm glad that he was there for me.

*end of confessionals*

Duncan:it's been an घंटा who won?
Chris:Owen and Courtney. We have no clue were Alejandro and Gwen are.
Chef:um… Chris we have a medical emergency.
Chris:Wat now?
Chef:we think that Alejandro and Gwen might have been in an accident.
Duncan:WAT!!?!?? No this is not true!!!
Chris:me and chef will go खोजिए but y'all prepare for elimination Owen and Courtney are already in first class.
C&C:*walk off*.
*with Alejandro & Gwen*
Gwen:I can't feel my ankle.
Alejandro:I can see the plain. Can आप hold it in या do आप wanna stop?
Gwen:let's stop real quick.
Alejandro:sure thing*gently sets Gwen on the ground*.
Gwen:I'm sorry we probably lost.
Alejandro:hey,it's okay I'm sure if I got hurt आप would help me too.
Gwen:just wouldn't be able to carry आप 3 miles.
Alejandro:no big deal. Your very light.
Gwen:hehe,yea my head hurts.
Alejandro:are आप okay should we start to the plain again.
Gwen:um… um *blacks out*.
Alejandro:GWEN GWEN WAKE UP*starts to cry* WAKE UP!!!! *picks up Gwen and dashes to the plain*.
Duncan:I'm freakin out!!
Heather:shut up!!
Owen:hey D आप wanna come sit in first class with us?
Duncan:sure *walks in first class*.
Heather:Uhhhhhh WAT ABOUT ME!?!??
Courtney:come on.
Heather:thank you*walks in first class*.
Alejandro:*runs in plain* CHRIS CHRIS HELP!!!!!
Cody:OH MY GOD GWEN *faints*.
Sierra:*faints oddly*.
Duncan:WILL Y'ALL SHUT- *sees gwen* GWEN!!! Wat the h^ll did आप do to her?!?!
Alejandro:nothing we need to get her help.
Chef:I'll handle it*takes Gwen to infirmary*.


Duncan:that's it यवसुरा, एल is goin home.
Alejandro:*cryin* I hope she's okay.

*end of confessionals*
*5 hours later*

Gwen:we're am I?
Duncan:Gwen your awake!
Gwen:Duncan,that you.
Duncan:yea it's me babe.
DxG:*they kiss*.
Gwen:who went home?
Duncan:well it's pretty late so I'll see आप in the morning.
Gwen:okay luv you.
Duncan:right back at ya. Feel better.
Gwen:I'll try.
Duncan:*walks off*.
???:ur okay!!!!
Gwen:who's there?
Alejandro:it's me.
Gwen:oh hey.
Alejandro:I'm glad your okay.
Alejandro:*looks into Gwen's eyes and kisses her*.
Gwen:*pushes Alejandro off* WAT ARE आप DOING I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!!!
Alejandro:Gwen I प्यार आप -
Gwen:Ale your like a brother to me but I प्यार Duncan.
Alejandro:oh,I see we'll good night then *leaves the infirmary*.
Gwen:Wat am I going to do?

Hope y'all enjoyed. When I figure out the name of the अगला ep. I'll make और TDWT stories but until then I will be लेखन chapter stories. SEE YA!!!!!! :P
 *blacks out*
*blacks out*
posted by starburst-rock
(Full credit goes to Alternativeactress on fanfiction.)

Enjoying first class with my boyfriend, everything seems at peace... That is, until Sierra paralyzes Cody with some pressure point on his foot. Poor guy. But now he knows how I felt in season one! But, at least he was too busy with Sierra to bother me. But, somehow, he finds a way every now and again. Poor kid. But then, the plane started shaking. I heard Owen shouting for a bit, but then it suddenly stopped. I'm pretty sure Alejandro knocked him out.

When we landed, Everyone fell out of the plane, me ending up on चोटी, शीर्ष of Duncan's back. He...
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posted by starburst-rock
(Ok I'm kinda disappointed that this story isn't getting a lot of comments......:( and on part 2 the only टिप्पणी दे I got was asking 4 a doughnut -.- well please comment. Enjoy!)

The अगला day, we were sitting in the dining common, while Chris introduced our अगला location. He was talking about stuff that I really didn't give two shits about. So, I decided to daydream. What about? Well, Duncan. But then Chef burst through the metal doors with a samurai sword.

"Gosh guys, that's obviously a Chinese outfit." Harold ranted.

"Thank आप Harold." Chris said. Though he obviously didn't really care at all....
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posted by tdacrazy6
Duncans P.O.V.
*BEEP BEEP BEEP*I hit my alarm clock and it fell on the floor. I got up groggy. I rubbed my eyes. I saw my mom in her cop uniform. "Hey Duncan look how cute this is" My baby brother walked in with an over sized cop uniform. Then he ran out and my mom chased him. I put on my T-shirt and my shorts. I put on my sneakers. I snatched my 7 साल old brothers toast. "hey!" i looked back at him "get over it"? I took a bite and walked out. The bus stop is right in front of my house.
Gwens P.O.V.
Trent (my boyfriend) kept telling me how beautiful i am in this light. When Geoff came he kept...
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posted by GigglesD
Me and Duncan just slowly walked away to find a camping ground. He collected wood, while I tried to find berries. We didn't have a tent, या a blanket, so we had to use each others body heat.
We heard something in the bushes. Duncan hugged me because he knew I was scared. As it turns out, it was just Izzy. She joined us. We told scary stories. One was so scary, it even creeped the heck out of Duncan.
After awhile Izzy fell asleep out of nowhere. Me and Duncan lay down and tried to find the Big Dipper. I started to fall asleep, and Duncan wrapped his arms around me. He fell asleep afterward....
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Duncan and Gwen in mine द्वारा Taylor swift! video credit-izzylove1999
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Awesome video द्वारा TwistedXmo about Gwen and Duncan. They are finally a couple! WOOT! All credit goes to TwistedXmo.
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posted by gwenlover1000
me and duncan are at a talent show...."i can't belive your gonna sing?? आप hate singing" i कहा sitting द्वारा duncan. "yeah,i do hate गाना but...i meet आप and आप changed me" duncan कहा looking in my eyes. i kissed him and कहा "i प्यार you!" "ok अगला up is duncan!!" the inatruter कहा with excitment. "wish me luck" duncan कहा going up the stage. he opened his mouth and started singing. "here we are agian like जानवर we play pretend...i wanna run and hide,i wanna run and hide" after he sang the first line of the song i realized he was गाना "animal" द्वारा neon trees!
"here we...
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posted by poptrop300
 Bus Stop BFF's
Bus Stop BFF's
Duncans P.O.V.
Gwen is awesome. Her voice awesome. Her गाना voice A-MA-ZING. She's so hot, WAIT did I just call her HOT. " So Gwen आप sing pretty good" She blushed and कहा " I practice alot" We walked to art together. " So are आप good at art" I didn't exactly know what to say, " I guess आप could say that I can draw your face exact" "Wow that is just wow, I could only draw आप as a stick figure" "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH" "Dunky" "Courtney I told आप not to tackle me, plus we have to get to art" "Oh well see at lunch Dunky" I waited until I couldn't see her "Uh she is so annoying, I think I might break up with her" She patted me on the back and कहा " आप don't need to worry I'm gonna break up with my boyfriend" I grinned at her.

Gwens P.O.V.
Poor Duncan. ZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZ "Dear Gwen, I'll be at school tommorrow, प्यार Trent" " Great honey see ya tommorrow" "Hey do आप wanna go on a तारीख, दिनांक on Saturday honey" "Sure"
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Trent does not approve of this vid for it is over 9 minutes.XD
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