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posted by thegothchick
 Say that again,I dare you.
Say that again,I dare you.
Duncan:why do the four of us have to stay back here?
Chris:because we don't want u and heather bothering AxG.
Duncan:*eye twitches* say that again I dare आप *pulls out pocket knife*.
Chris:I have to go check on the प्यार birds *walks off*.
*with Alejandro & Gwen*
Gwen:*running & trips* AHHH!!!!
Alejandro:*kneels down द्वारा Gwen* were does it hurt?
Gwen:my ankle I think it's broken.
Alejandro:don't हटाइए it.
Gwen:o-okay *starts to tear up*.
Alejandro:it will be okay I'm here. I'll get आप help.
Gwen:don't leave me here alone.
Alejandro:I would never do that to you.
Gwen:thank आप * hugs Alejandro carefully*
Alejandro:*hugs back* come on*picks Gwen up bridal style*.
Gwen:but the challenge.
Alejandro:forget the challenge I just want आप safe.


Alejandro:I think I might actually have feelings for Gwen now.
Gwen:he's an AWSOME friend and I'm glad that he was there for me.

*end of confessionals*

Duncan:it's been an घंटा who won?
Chris:Owen and Courtney. We have no clue were Alejandro and Gwen are.
Chef:um… Chris we have a medical emergency.
Chris:Wat now?
Chef:we think that Alejandro and Gwen might have been in an accident.
Duncan:WAT!!?!?? No this is not true!!!
Chris:me and chef will go खोजिए but y'all prepare for elimination Owen and Courtney are already in first class.
C&C:*walk off*.
*with Alejandro & Gwen*
Gwen:I can't feel my ankle.
Alejandro:I can see the plain. Can आप hold it in या do आप wanna stop?
Gwen:let's stop real quick.
Alejandro:sure thing*gently sets Gwen on the ground*.
Gwen:I'm sorry we probably lost.
Alejandro:hey,it's okay I'm sure if I got hurt आप would help me too.
Gwen:just wouldn't be able to carry आप 3 miles.
Alejandro:no big deal. Your very light.
Gwen:hehe,yea my head hurts.
Alejandro:are आप okay should we start to the plain again.
Gwen:um… um *blacks out*.
Alejandro:GWEN GWEN WAKE UP*starts to cry* WAKE UP!!!! *picks up Gwen and dashes to the plain*.
Duncan:I'm freakin out!!
Heather:shut up!!
Owen:hey D आप wanna come sit in first class with us?
Duncan:sure *walks in first class*.
Heather:Uhhhhhh WAT ABOUT ME!?!??
Courtney:come on.
Heather:thank you*walks in first class*.
Alejandro:*runs in plain* CHRIS CHRIS HELP!!!!!
Cody:OH MY GOD GWEN *faints*.
Sierra:*faints oddly*.
Duncan:WILL Y'ALL SHUT- *sees gwen* GWEN!!! Wat the h^ll did आप do to her?!?!
Alejandro:nothing we need to get her help.
Chef:I'll handle it*takes Gwen to infirmary*.


Duncan:that's it यवसुरा, एल is goin home.
Alejandro:*cryin* I hope she's okay.

*end of confessionals*
*5 hours later*

Gwen:we're am I?
Duncan:Gwen your awake!
Gwen:Duncan,that you.
Duncan:yea it's me babe.
DxG:*they kiss*.
Gwen:who went home?
Duncan:well it's pretty late so I'll see आप in the morning.
Gwen:okay luv you.
Duncan:right back at ya. Feel better.
Gwen:I'll try.
Duncan:*walks off*.
???:ur okay!!!!
Gwen:who's there?
Alejandro:it's me.
Gwen:oh hey.
Alejandro:I'm glad your okay.
Alejandro:*looks into Gwen's eyes and kisses her*.
Gwen:*pushes Alejandro off* WAT ARE आप DOING I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!!!
Alejandro:Gwen I प्यार आप -
Gwen:Ale your like a brother to me but I प्यार Duncan.
Alejandro:oh,I see we'll good night then *leaves the infirmary*.
Gwen:Wat am I going to do?

Hope y'all enjoyed. When I figure out the name of the अगला ep. I'll make और TDWT stories but until then I will be लेखन chapter stories. SEE YA!!!!!! :P
 *blacks out*
*blacks out*
posted by xRainbowNinjax
हे everyone! So I decided to have the last chapter be a, Flashback. So I guess now There 16! I hope you’re not mad.
Disclaimer: I do not own TDI in any way, shape या form! xD

.:Gwen’s P.O.V:.
    Tomorrow’s an exciting day, mine and my best friend’s 11 साल anniversary. Well, how many year’s we’ve known each other actually. We are planning to just see a movie; well that’s what he told me at least. He already knows, I hate surprises, just like him.
“Gwen, Its time to go to sleep....
continue reading...
This is a DxG प्रशंसक fiction.Full credit goes to a0r123 from .

Duncan's POV

I've always liked Courtney. I liked her the सेकंड I saw her on the dock at camp. I liked her attitude. I liked how she sassed Chris and threatened to sue. It was pure gold, but emphasis on "liked." Courtney's good-looking but she's just a big know-it-all. Sometimes that's good, other times it gets very annoying, if आप know what I mean. When I got kicked into season two without her, things changed. Gwen and Trent broke up. Gwen is goth, into scary movies, and doesn't run for class president. She's perfect....
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posted by Gwentrend24
Based on the movie, Cyberbully.

Gwen's P.O.V

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I moaned and flung my hand over the annoying alarm clock, searching for the large plastic 'Snooze' button. Time for school. I got up, brushed out my black and टील, टीला, गहरा हरिताभ नीला strands of hair, pulled out a white corset with black splotches on it, a white mini स्कर्ट with a Chinese symbol painted on it meaning, 'peace', and black converse. After I got changed, I turned my attention to the desktop computer sitting in my room. I was observing a chat specifically for students that attend my school,...
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posted by starburst-rock
(Part 2! Again full credit goes to Alternativeactress on Fanfiction!)

Back in Egypt, we were all with our respected awards and mats. Harold was ranting on how his team wasn't cowards and their mat shouldn't be yellow. I just rolled my eyes and talked with Duncan while Courtney and Heather argued about who was team leader. Izzy was talking with Ruby (AKA the camel), and Cody was trying to stay away from Sierra. Then a टिप्पणी दे from Sierra grabbed my attention.

"Did आप know Cody slept with a stuffed emu named Jerry until he was... well okay. He still does." She said.

"And आप know this how?" Noah...
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Gwen POV
Ok so I'm sitting on my बिस्तर just staring at the clock. Today was the day, the दिन of the dance. I stood up and opened my closet. I saw dark clothes. Different shades of black, green, and midnight blue. I was just looking for something to wear until I saw this bright white dress with a note on it. It read,

Thought this would be a beautiful dress for your dance tonight. Make it shine Gwen!

I smiled and slipped the dress on. Wow not bad.I admired myself in the mirror. I added a midnight blue and black फूल pin to my dress to add a touch of goth. I girlishly twirled...
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posted by Fangirl99
duncan&courtney:*making out.*
duncan:*breaks away fom courtney and looks at gwen.*
courtney:whats wrong,duncan?
duncan:umm,ill be right back.

duncan:hey,gwen.whatss wrong?
gwen:well,its just sad,being here all alone.
duncan:is there a way to cheer आप up?
gwen:i dont know.
duncan:do आप wanna share the money?
gwen:aren't आप sharing with courtney?
duncan:i can give आप some of mine
courtney:umm,duncan?what are आप doing?
duncan:talking to gwen. were hugging her.
courtney:you cant hug her!
duncan:oh and why not?
courtney:cause it shows sign of affection!
duncan:we're just friends.
gwen:actully,duncan.i like you.
courtney:WHAT!?i knew आप two hooked up after i left!
gwen:i didnt say that!i just कहा i liked him!
duncan:well,i lke आप too.
gwen:so,you wanna go out?

posted by Fangirl99
okay,i wrote this,like 2 moths ago,so heres the last part

duncan:omg,um,ok,soooo,wanna go out?

trent*from afermath room* CURSE आप DUNNCAN!

G&D:*making out*
chris:well,that raps up another TDA!
note:i rite things,then finish moths later. find them in लेख page.

posted by Fangirl99
chris:okay, now first is courtney.
courtney:*sings miss indepentent*
chris:eh, il give it q 6.2. अगला is harold.
harold*sings i want आप bad*
chris:pretty good.ill give it a 7.5. now we have beth and lindsey
limdsey and beth:*sing best friends*
chris:well, colud have done a lot better. ill give it a 3.1. now last we have duncan and gwen
duncan and gwen:*sing bring me to life*
chris:well, we have a winner, DUNCAN AND GWEN!
duncan and gwen:ALRIGHT!
duncan: oh yeah!
gwen:wo ho!
both:*kiss 4 10 seconds.*
posted by Fangirl99
Chris:Okay,before we start the new challenge,id like to tell आप a little something. Gwens coming back!
courtney:*slaps duncan* आप better not hook up with her again!
duncan:okay,one,i didnt!and two, i could if i want to cause im a free man,right?unless आप want to get back with me?
courtney:HELL NO!
chris:okay, here she is!
courtney: WAIT! no onee likes her, youll lose people!
duncan:its oviuse आप care,babe.
lindsey:yeah,it does look like it.
courtney:SHUT UP!
gwen:*comes out from curtians* Hi,everyone.
chris:okay, to prepare आप for season 3, we are...
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8th grade
Courtney's P.O.V.
... I hope no one still has a grudge against me for slapping Gwen last year. I was so pissed, and I snapped at the principal and my parents so much, i got 2 weeks of detention, and I was grounded for a month. Why Gwen? Why cause me this pain, so?!
Well, it's 8th grade now, and I've heard some rumors that Duncan is not going to like... >:3 I think the rumors are true. But, you'll find out what they are pretty soon, because it's 5th period now, and I'm going to tell it to the whole class. This is gonna be awesome.

5th period
Gwen's P.O.V.
AHHHHGGG rumors going around...
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added by TaintedArtist
Gwen P.O.V.

Duncan carried me to first class,he sat down and set me on his lap.He wrapped his arms around me so I wouldn't get cold,out of nowhere Duncan starts to किस me and starts rubbing my leg."What are आप doing?"I asked."We have some unfinished business to take care of"He whispered in my ear.I blushed slightly."W-what do आप mean द्वारा that?"I questioned."Remember Chris interrupted our make out session"He replied."What if someone sees us?"I asked."Don't worry everyone's asleep"He said."Fine"I replied.After our make out session we drifted off to sleep.

Alejandro P.O.V.

I opened my eyes slowly...
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Chris brought everyone to a five तारा, स्टार hotel. Including Duncan, Alejandro, and me. I was handed a सोना key that told me I was in room 609. Sixth floor. I was riding up the elevator with the other final three. Alejandro was leaning against the wall, twirling his key around his finer. Duncan was leaning against the other wall, his arm around me. Alejandro got off on the third floor, and Duncan got off on the fifth. He gave me a quick किस before he walked out. Then I got off on the sixth floor. I brushed a piece of hair behind my ear while I opened my room door. It was great. It had an amazing...
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