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posted by thegothchick
 Say that again,I dare you.
Say that again,I dare you.
Duncan:why do the four of us have to stay back here?
Chris:because we don't want u and heather bothering AxG.
Duncan:*eye twitches* say that again I dare आप *pulls out pocket knife*.
Chris:I have to go check on the प्यार birds *walks off*.
*with Alejandro & Gwen*
Gwen:*running & trips* AHHH!!!!
Alejandro:*kneels down द्वारा Gwen* were does it hurt?
Gwen:my ankle I think it's broken.
Alejandro:don't हटाइए it.
Gwen:o-okay *starts to tear up*.
Alejandro:it will be okay I'm here. I'll get आप help.
Gwen:don't leave me here alone.
Alejandro:I would never do that to you.
Gwen:thank आप * hugs Alejandro carefully*
Alejandro:*hugs back* come on*picks Gwen up bridal style*.
Gwen:but the challenge.
Alejandro:forget the challenge I just want आप safe.


Alejandro:I think I might actually have feelings for Gwen now.
Gwen:he's an AWSOME friend and I'm glad that he was there for me.

*end of confessionals*

Duncan:it's been an घंटा who won?
Chris:Owen and Courtney. We have no clue were Alejandro and Gwen are.
Chef:um… Chris we have a medical emergency.
Chris:Wat now?
Chef:we think that Alejandro and Gwen might have been in an accident.
Duncan:WAT!!?!?? No this is not true!!!
Chris:me and chef will go खोजिए but y'all prepare for elimination Owen and Courtney are already in first class.
C&C:*walk off*.
*with Alejandro & Gwen*
Gwen:I can't feel my ankle.
Alejandro:I can see the plain. Can आप hold it in या do आप wanna stop?
Gwen:let's stop real quick.
Alejandro:sure thing*gently sets Gwen on the ground*.
Gwen:I'm sorry we probably lost.
Alejandro:hey,it's okay I'm sure if I got hurt आप would help me too.
Gwen:just wouldn't be able to carry आप 3 miles.
Alejandro:no big deal. Your very light.
Gwen:hehe,yea my head hurts.
Alejandro:are आप okay should we start to the plain again.
Gwen:um… um *blacks out*.
Alejandro:GWEN GWEN WAKE UP*starts to cry* WAKE UP!!!! *picks up Gwen and dashes to the plain*.
Duncan:I'm freakin out!!
Heather:shut up!!
Owen:hey D आप wanna come sit in first class with us?
Duncan:sure *walks in first class*.
Heather:Uhhhhhh WAT ABOUT ME!?!??
Courtney:come on.
Heather:thank you*walks in first class*.
Alejandro:*runs in plain* CHRIS CHRIS HELP!!!!!
Cody:OH MY GOD GWEN *faints*.
Sierra:*faints oddly*.
Duncan:WILL Y'ALL SHUT- *sees gwen* GWEN!!! Wat the h^ll did आप do to her?!?!
Alejandro:nothing we need to get her help.
Chef:I'll handle it*takes Gwen to infirmary*.


Duncan:that's it यवसुरा, एल is goin home.
Alejandro:*cryin* I hope she's okay.

*end of confessionals*
*5 hours later*

Gwen:we're am I?
Duncan:Gwen your awake!
Gwen:Duncan,that you.
Duncan:yea it's me babe.
DxG:*they kiss*.
Gwen:who went home?
Duncan:well it's pretty late so I'll see आप in the morning.
Gwen:okay luv you.
Duncan:right back at ya. Feel better.
Gwen:I'll try.
Duncan:*walks off*.
???:ur okay!!!!
Gwen:who's there?
Alejandro:it's me.
Gwen:oh hey.
Alejandro:I'm glad your okay.
Alejandro:*looks into Gwen's eyes and kisses her*.
Gwen:*pushes Alejandro off* WAT ARE आप DOING I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!!!
Alejandro:Gwen I प्यार आप -
Gwen:Ale your like a brother to me but I प्यार Duncan.
Alejandro:oh,I see we'll good night then *leaves the infirmary*.
Gwen:Wat am I going to do?

Hope y'all enjoyed. When I figure out the name of the अगला ep. I'll make और TDWT stories but until then I will be लेखन chapter stories. SEE YA!!!!!! :P
 *blacks out*
*blacks out*
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A lovely video द्वारा SimzMaster on यूट्यूब :3
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*with Duncan*(no ones pov)
Duncan:oh man I miss Gwen. Geoff:don't worry buddy आप get to see her after school. Duncan:I can't wait that long. Alejandro:don't worry bromigo. Duncan:y do u call me that? Alejandro:wat do u want me to call आप BUDDY I don't like आप that much. Duncan:gee,thanks. Bridgette:hey guys. Geoff:hey Bridge. Duncan:can we see Gwen now? Geoff:dude AFTER school. Bridgette:I don't the words "after"&"school" can fit in Duncan's brain. Duncan:I just have to see Gwen to make sure shes alright. Alejandro:dude,you señoritas fine. Duncan:thanks Ale...I mean Alejandro. Alejandro:.........
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posted by starburst-rock
(Only 8 और chapters left!!! Kinda makes me sad :( Full credit goes to Alternativeactress on Fanfiction!!)

Back in first class, Duncan and I were enjoying our "reception". Duncan had his iPod in the dock that Chris had दिया us as a reward - along with cake - and was playing his music. He was skimming through his संगीत while the song The Catalyst द्वारा Linkin Park played. Suddenly, his face lit up when he saw a song. He played it.
"Me and my boys back घर प्यार this song." He said. It started with just some weird lyrics.

"What the fuck is this?" I asked.

"Shots द्वारा LMFAO (A/N: I'm not kidding. That's...
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posted by Gwentrend24
Gwen's P.O.V

"Gwen wait!" he called after me. I just kept on running. For know, let's just call him, he. HE was a monster, a murderer, a womanizer. He was unbearable, evil, the devil's son. I can't believe I used to go out with that guy! Actually, we're divorced now. I remember the दिन we got married, he was the sweetest thing in the world when we first met, but now, he's a son of a...... Ugh, I'm too devastated to say it. I can't believe he would just turn his back on me. I kept on running. Turning back to see if he was still following me, I tripped on a rock. He caught up with me. I whimpered,...
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posted by tdacrazy6
Gwens P.O.V.
This is bad!Bad bad bad bad bad:( I couldn't stop thinking about Duncan!His green Mohawk, टील, टीला, गहरा हरिताभ नीला eyes... Ah! snap out of it! ok no और Duncan. Trents annoying me so bad. Duncan and I wer- IM THINKING ABOUT HIM! Courtney is gonna kill me!
Duncans P.O.V.
I ran out of my house. Im gonna break up with Courtney. She called me all night long saying I प्यार आप Dunkie! kk nighty night!:p "Dunkie!" She jumped in my arms. She kissed my face 9 times. Wow Trent JR. I looked at Gwen over Courtneys shoulder. She looked so HOT!
Gwens P.O.V.
Duncan sat अगला to Courtney. "WHAT!" I heard Courtney...
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posted by isabellarocks
I need some help I want to make another लेख and I need ideas so if आप have any put the suggestion in the टिप्पणियाँ and I might just add आप into the story for the चोटी, शीर्ष 3 suggestions not really meaning the fist three commenters just the 3 best टिप्पणियाँ yeah just three so quickly hurry and state what character what scenes and what part would आप like to be ( the helper the saver ect. ) so टिप्पणी दे टिप्पणी दे टिप्पणी दे and if आप have a great idea but I have written another story still put it down in the टिप्पणियाँ and आप will still get credit bye spand don't forget to comment!
posted by isabellarocks
Trent and gwen are getting married
With gwen
Gwen: why am I marring Trent when I don't like him yes he's thretened me and tried to kill me but still I am just hopping duncan comes ( sigh )
Duncan: I just can't let my प्यार of my life marry a phoney I will just have to interrupt the wedding.
Trent thinking: after I rape gwen I will kill her and marry Courtney and then rape her and kill her and do the same to every girl. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!
In the church
Priest: does anyone object या forever hold their peace
Gwen thinking: please duncan hurry please
Duncan: I object........
Trent wants 2 be और than फ्रेंड्स with Gwen but she tells him she likes Duncan more.
Sweet vid द्वारा AMVRevolution1! Go DxG....THE BEST COUPLE EVER!!!!
Fantastic video द्वारा dcute56! Pro DxG!!! WOOT! XD
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posted by xRainbowNinjax
Pool of Tears: Lame शीर्षक and improved plotline (Hopefully). I'm happy that I fixed something horrible. And I'm changing the horrid शीर्षक I made three या so years ago. ( I don't even remember.) This is a T rated story.


It's happening again. The dream I have had every night for as long as I can even remember. The weird thing is, I can never remember any clear details from the dream when I wake up. It's like it vanished from my memory, just waiting for the अगला time I slept. Sometimes I'll wake up screaming, blanking the reason. The screams are mostly all I remember, for I black out. I...
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