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 Oh my Gwen
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My friend, Nathan, is obsessed with Gwen.

A couple of weeks ago, I heard he was upset about her getting voted off on episode 16. He was crying almost the whole time in gym class! He was screaming "GWEEEEEN!GWEEEEEEEEEN!"

He is also obsessed with her and Duncan as a couple, आप can tell द्वारा the pictures he drew. Sometimes I tease him द्वारा saying " Nathan and Gwen, sitting in a tree...". Another thing I do to tease him is write "Gwen is Gone!" on a piece of paper, and he loses control of himself.

Today I made a promise to him. I told him I'd print out a bunch of pictures of her, and give it to him at school tomorrow. I didn't save the picture, so I can't दिखाना आप guys what it looks like, so yeah. But I can tell आप that he'll be really happy with it.
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