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 young taylor
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तत्पर, तेज, स्विफ्ट
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 A gorgeous album cover <13
A gorgeous album cover <13
Holy Ground
RED Album
Released 2012
Written and recorded द्वारा Taylor Swift

LINK: link

I was reminiscing just the other day,
While having coffee all alone and Lord, it took me away.
Back to a first-glance feeling on New York time.
Back when आप fit in my poems like a perfect rhyme.
Took off fast through the green light, go,
Hey, skip the conversation and आप already know.
I left a note on the door with a joke we’d made,
And that was the first day.

And darling, it was good never looking down.
And right there where we stood was holy ground.

Spinning like a girl in a brand new dress,
We had this big wide city...
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sheet संगीत
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Taylor तत्पर, तेज, स्विफ्ट - 1989 "Era" (Mashup)
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