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 Taylor's sketches and manips
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Taylor Lautner is he really dating Chelsea Hallander I think she's a new actress coming up idk her much but i have never seen them together

I say she tweeted something about him
and then when i looked her up nothing on her. then someone tweeted That they are together then someone tweeted that they are not together

so idk
it's just rumor but i think they meet

Alot of People are on फेसबुक talking about it? idek

Someone said:

They were on a secret relationship the public doesn't know about it but they broke up in it me of it. So the Did dated when i checked out her reps they say that it's a private and personal matter but they have no infomation on it

so i took to फेसबुक to see if makenna पोस्टेड anything also on instagram if anyone पोस्टेड anything , There was a चित्र of Makenna and her. Idk anything else

Hope this helped

So i think it's truee they are dating

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This is just a simple slideshow of the always gorgeous Taylor Lautner. I changed his eye color to baby blue/aqua. Not that I don't प्यार his beautiful brown eyes, I just wanted to see how he would look with blue eyes.
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