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 टैंगल्ड वॉलपेपर
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टैंगल्ड वॉलपेपर
टैंगल्ड वॉलपेपर
flynn rider
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This टैंगल्ड वॉलपेपर might contain ओरिएंटल पोस्ता, papaver orientale, ओरिएंटल अफीम, पेपावर ओरिएंटल, अफीम, papaver somniferum, अफीम अफीम, पेपावर सोमनिफ़ेरम, गुलदस्ता, कंचुकी, कहावत, फूलों का गुच्छ, चोली, पॉसी, नाकगेय, ब्रोच, and nosegay.

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Flynn Rider: This is the story of how I died, but don't worry this actually a pretty "fun" story and the truth is... It isn't even mine. This is the story of a girl named Rapunzel, and it starts with the sun. Now, once upon a time, a single drop of sunlight fell from the Heavens. And from this small drop of sun grew a magic golden flower. It has the ability to heal the sick and injured. Oh, आप see that old woman over there? आप might wanna remember her. She's kinda important. Well, centuries past and a hop, skip and a नाव ride away... there grew a kingdom. The kingdom was ruled by...
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