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 The Sun (Corona's Symbol)
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Ok tengo una gran aglomeración masiva de este tipo que me hizo reír, y hasta me hizo llorar. Esto es lo que me gusta de su ego y su verdadero ser. Nombre: Jose Rafael Cordero Sanchez Edad: 22 Fecha de nacimiento: 14 de diciembre 1990 Signo Zodiacal: Zagitario Favoritos: escuchar musica, fotografias y videos, cantar, salir en familia. gusta: El odio, la gente molesta, cantando y bailando (cuando su Jose Cordero odia a cantar y bailar), la lora (Lorena pero más tarde le gusta), el interés amoroso: las mujeres. Acerca de Jose Cordero Lo primero es el alter ego de Jose Cordero. Su un arrogante...
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I understood why Rapunzel didn't want to get married yet, I mean the girl had been through alot and all at once too, so I asked each साल on her birthday and each साल she would smile and say "Not yet, try अगला year" then she would किस me and with each किस I loved her और and more. So I waited. Then it was the दिन before her twenty-first birthday (4 years later), I was just coming back from buying her a birthday present when i got inside she called "Eugene!". in a rush to hind the gift I threw it behind a फूल pot. "Oh, I looking for you....what did आप just throw behind the फूल pot?"...
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