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 Tiana is a bit irritating
Tiana is a bit irritating
I saw TPATF last night and although I प्यार hand drawn एनीमेशन but I felt that there was something missing in this film. Sure it was sweet and funny but the songs were so forgettable I don’t even know the songs off द्वारा दिल like the songs in Tangled. So I am going to do an लेख on the two to explain why I rather टैंगल्ड than PATF.


Princess & the frog

Tiana: First up its Tiana and I have to say she really irritates me I dunno why she’s like a pure rip off of Belle & सिंडरेला in a different skin tone. Her गाना is ok.

Naveen: One of the hottest डिज़्नी princes ever...
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I saw this movie on YouTube a few weeks back (although I really want to see it in 3D in the cinemas) but this film reminds me of ऐनस्टेशिया for a strange reason maybe its because its all about a लॉस्ट princess and a bad boy who fall in love. Anyway here is the parts in the movie I think are similar to Anastasia. Forgive me I couldn‘t get any screencaps to the scenes I am talking about but आप will probably know what I mean enjoy

#1 The Characters

First lets talk about the characters in both movies. Rapunzel is a fiesty,headstrong woman who is locked up in a tower द्वारा an evil woman named Mother...
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"You're kidding are you?" "I am not!" he said,giving her a किस and a hug.

"Eugene," "Yes?" "Today's the day,you know that right?" "Huh??? Today's the दिन of WHAT?" "Didn't I tell आप before?!" "Nuh ah." "Gosh. I made a dumb mistake." "Why?" "Because....today..." "What,I still don't understand." "Eugene,today's the दिन of...of... TODAY'S THE दिन THE शिशु WILL BE BORN." Well,the way Rapunzel spoke gave Eugene a total FREAK show. "What?? Nuuuh...that's a joke." he knew it before.but he wanted to know it AGAIN. "Eugene,I told आप once,so I think आप forgot it." "No,you...
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Maybe she wanned to forget something,Eugene thought. Rapunzel told the one who manage the carriage to take them outside the town. Well,Eugene was kinda surprised because he thought they'll go to her tower again,because remember what she said? "I want a family." and another "But I meant only आप and me Eugene,only आप and me." So,let's see what's going to happen now!

* * * * * *
Okay,now they were outside the town and the only thing everybody could see were trees and और trees. Eugene was shocked so he leaned over Rapunzel and whispered,"Where are we going?"
"You don't remember what I said?"...
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So the week after the week long party for the लॉस्ट Princess's return, I found Rapunzel on the balcony watching the sun set. "Boo" I yelled, "WHAT THE... oh हे Eugene I didn't see आप there" she कहा with her 'Gosh-that-was-embaressing' face. "You liking the new hair cutt?" I said.
"Oh um yes it's taking some getting used to though"
"I think it सूट्स आप nicely Rapunzel"
"thanks Eugene"
She was smiling but shed seemed distracted and a little bit afraid and after looking at her eyes, she had been crying "Hey, हे whats wrong?"
"Nothing, well, I can be honest with आप right?"
"of course आप can, you...
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NOTE: This will be my 1st ever fan-fiction (: I hope आप guys enjoy the story, I tried my best on it (:
"Bring back what once was mine..." finished with the lullaby, Rapunzel set princess Rana to sleep.
SWOOSH ~~~ The windows opened suddenly. The cold wind ran down Rapunzel's spine. She felt a chill of an evil presence around her. Hearing footsteps,she turned around to see, and saw MOTHER GOTHEL !
Rapunzel gasped,surprised and shocked as ever, she screamed. But someone covered her mouth before anything came out.
She tried to scream as loud as she can, but still, nothing came out of her covered...
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Before the Proposal

"Your Majesties?" Eugene asked nervously as he knocked on their study room door.
"Come in, boy." a deep voice called calmly from inside. Eugene walked inside, with his hands shaking nervously.
"What is it, Eugene?" the क्वीन asked as Eugene sat down on the chair in front of his soon to be in-laws.
"Me and Rapunzel have known each other for a while now and-"
"Yes, continue." the क्वीन कहा with a look in her eye that knew what was going to happen next. Eugene resumed talking "and, I was hoping आप will allow her to be my wedded wife." There was a silence.
"You want to marry Rapunzel?...
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posted by HOND_Tangled
The kingdom awoke on a bright, warm morning, to the sound of the bells, ringing out their song from the chapel. The citizens of the kingdom set about their daily lives, fishing, baking, making their living any way they could. One citizen in particular, a gypsy named Clopin, was an entertainer and now held a puppet दिखाना for the children of the kingdom.
"Ah, listen," he कहा as the bells rang through the air. "They're beautiful, no? So many रंग of sound, so many changing moods… Because आप know… they don't ring द्वारा themselves…"
"They don't?" Clopin's puppet asked, his squeaky voice even...
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 टैंगल्ड is a hit 5 stars ***** out of *****
Tangled is a hit 5 stars ***** out of *****
Last महीना I went to the cinema to see this film Tangled. I had no idea what it was going to be about although I did see a lot of clips of it and I thought it looked good.


Eugene Fitzherbert(also known as Flynn Rider) is a rogue arrogant bandit who happens to be the narrator of the film also. He steals a crown from the palace and tries to find a place to hid it. Rapunzel meanwhile is a लॉस्ट princess who was stolen as a child द्वारा an evil woman named Mother Gothel who चुरा लिया the child all because she has healing powers that come threw her hair. Every साल she wants to see the lanterns as she...
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posted by samoangirl96
All those days
Watching from the windows
All those years
Outside looking in
All that time
Never even knowing
Just how blind I've been

Now I'm here
Blinking in the starlight
Now I'm here
Suddenly I see
Standing here
It's oh, so clear
I'm where I'm meant to be

And at last, I see the light
And it's like the fog has lifted
And at last, I see the light
And it's like the sky is new
And it's warm and real and bright
And the world has somehow shifted
All at once
Everything looks different
Now that I see you

All those days
Chasing down a daydream
All those years
Living in a blur
All that time
Never truly seeing
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Eugine had forgot Rapunzel's 19th birthday, causing a row between the two. Rapunzel had been very stressed latley, she wasn't ready to take over the kingdom, and her father had grown gravley ill.After the row, Rapunzel is approached द्वारा a shady character, twice her height, in a cloack, covering his face. All that was present was a black curly beard swaying from his chin. Although at first alarming Rapunzel, he manages to calm her down before she calls the guards, saying he can help her save her father from dying. He कोट्स 'Your fathers a fine King.Be a sahme to see him die. But, Rapunzel, I...
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"I think it's the most beautiful साल of our lives,Eugene,don't आप think?" "I do. And it's very true." he कहा while touching Lantern's soft golden hair. "So small but angels." "I know...Uhmm,well Eugene?" "Yeah?" "Just don't forget to not to act like a maniac while they're here around..." "Yeahsss!! I KNOW (<< on a maniac way) AND आप KNOW I'M मछली पालने का जहाज़, स्टू P-..." "EUGENE!!!" "Okay,okay.." "You had annoyed me the ENTIRE year!" When she कहा those words,Eugene thinked about it and said,"Oh yeah,it's true,sorry. é_é"

***** FEBRUARY *****
"Labedadobedo!!!" (<< Eugene) "-facepalms-...
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posted by LisaForde2
 Starts off as a blonde
Starts off as a blonde
Is the first princess movie to feature a princess who’s hair colour changes and style changes. (Rapunzel starts off as a blonde with long hair and gets a short brunette bob in the end of the film).

Zachary Levi’s first डिज़्नी movie debut as he is famous for being in TV दिखाना Chuck.

Originally going to be called Rapunzel: Unbraided and then Rapture before the directors decided to name it टैंगल्ड instead as they wanted it to suit both boys and girls.

Rachel Rogers provided the voice for Young Rapunzel during the initial scratch phase.

Kristin Chenoweth and Dan Fogler were the original choices...
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posted by LisaForde2
 Rapunzel with blonde hair I प्यार her feisty ways
Rapunzel with blonde hair I love her feisty ways

I absolutely loved this movie as its got everything in it from romance,comedy,great संगीत from the brilliant man himself Alan Menken all that a masterpiece(a word I describe this film) would have.



First up is Rapunzel she is so fiesty,and dainty आप can’t help but fall for her charms. I like this character because she dreams of seeing the lights and is kept in a tower for 18 years. She of course meets a charming rogue thief named Flynn Rider who’s real name is Eugene Fitzherbert and goes off in an adventure she won’t forget. When I found out that she...
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posted by bittersweet2242
Seven a.m. the usual morning line up
Start on the chores and sweep till the floors all clean
Polish and wax do laundry and mop and shine up
Sweep again and द्वारा then it's like seven 15

And so i'll read a book
Or mabye 2 या 3
I'll add a few new paintings to my gallery
I'll play gutair and knit
And cook and basically
Just wonder when will my life begin
Then after lunch it's puzzels and darts and baking
Paper machee a bit of ballee and chess
Pottery and vantrilacly candle making
Then i'll strech mabye sketch take a climb बुआई करना, बोना a dress

And i'll re-read the books
If i have time to spare
I'll paint the walls some more...
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#1 The animation

The एनीमेशन in this film is so real-like आप think that your actually watching a live action movie. I प्यार the एनीमेशन for the lantern scene.

#2 The voice cast

Mandy Moore & Zac Levi were brilliant as Rapunzel and Eugene their expressions and emotions that they added to their animated charcthers was brilliant and चोटी, शीर्ष notch.

#3 The 1st डिज़्नी Princess movie to make me cry

Yes folks I admit it I cried like a baby when Eugene died in Rapunzel's arms after he says 'You were my new dream' and Rapunzel sobbing the words ' And आप were mine T:T I whimpered like a कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला whenever i watch the climax.

#4 The music

OMG I प्यार all the instrumental pieces in this(waiting for the lights) and the songs(I see the light). Alan Menken never lets me down.

#5 The sidekicks

प्यार the horse Maximus and the cute chameleon Pascal.
The lovely forest is filled with peace, life, and the good of all the creatures that thrive. But these woods are far from beyond these words when an evil wizard named Gagaloo plans on destroying the woods to build a विश्वविद्यालय for gifted wizards. All seems लॉस्ट until two eager creatures named Dagget and Norbert, best known as the two ऊदबिलाव, बीवर brothers stand up against Gagaloo's plan and kept on telling him to हटाइए his विश्वविद्यालय somewhere else. Of course being the gitty wizard he was, he refused to हटाइए it and told the two beavers to get lost. With anger in their disposol and a cunning sense...
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I know its not out yet until January 28th 2011 but I have a funny feeling that this might be a great flick and here is why:

#1 Alan Menken doing the संगीत for Tangled

#2 Looks to be a good plot only it’s a tiny bit like श्रेक in a way.

#3 Rapunzel could be my new princess(I dunno)

#4 That Flynn Rider guy looks cute.

#5 First CGI fairytale from Disney.

#6 प्यार fairytales

Some facts

* Kirsten Chesworth was suppose to voice Rapunzel but Mandy Moore got the part shortly after

* संगीत is द्वारा Alan Menken

* First CGI fairytale from Walt डिज़्नी Pictures ever.
posted by Puffedwarrior
Three years of asking. Three years of waiting. Three years of studying. Three years eventually paid off.
Three years of asking, "Rapunzel, let's ditch the studying- c'mon, let's get married!"
And each time she would giggle. "Eugene, आप know we're not aloud until our studying for becoming king and क्वीन has paid off. आप know I would प्यार to, but I'm not one to break the rules, आप know that."
Eugene put his arm around her and smiled, pulling her close. "But I am."
Giving a sarcastic laugh, Rapunzel grabbed his कमीज, शर्ट कॉलर and pressed her lips to his. Pulling away, she stared into his eyes, smiling...
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Eugine [narrating]:Hi.You remember me. Im Euguine Fitzherbet, and this is the story of how i saved the woman I love, and It starts, with me In bed.I had been dating Rapunzel for nearly a year, and I was working towards proposing, slowly, but surley. Anyway, in one day, our relationship got kinda difficult;

[Close up of Eugine lying in bed, suddenly, Pascal's tounge flies into his ear, and he wakes up in shock]


Rapunzel[Looming over him with two cups of coffee]:Morning!

Eugine[Rubbing his eyes to wake himself up]:Urgh...morning... what time is It?How long have आप been awake?[Looks...
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