"I think it's the most beautiful साल of our lives,Eugene,don't आप think?" "I do. And it's very true." he कहा while touching Lantern's soft golden hair. "So small but angels." "I know...Uhmm,well Eugene?" "Yeah?" "Just don't forget to not to act like a maniac while they're here around..." "Yeahsss!! I KNOW (<< on a maniac way) AND आप KNOW I'M मछली पालने का जहाज़, स्टू P-..." "EUGENE!!!" "Okay,okay.." "You had annoyed me the ENTIRE year!" When she कहा those words,Eugene thinked about it and said,"Oh yeah,it's true,sorry. é_é"

***** FEBRUARY *****
"Labedadobedo!!!" (<< Eugene) "-facepalms- Eugene,seriously??" "Fine! I know आप don't want me to start ANOTHER annoying year.." "Uhm Hm..so stop it..and remember what आप promised..." "Whoops! ^^ Sorry! ^^ " I don't know but suddenly,Lantern कहा something with NO mistakes ( o_O), "I प्यार you!" Rapunzel AND Eugene turned their heads around..they were like; O_o "Eugene?! Did आप hear?! She कहा it without mistakes!!!" Eugene,who was so shocked,he fainted... "Heck I know...Eug'?" "Omg,that girl must be a genious when she's older!" "Remember when she fixed March's प्रिय toy??? With no help she did that!"

**** 10 years later ****

Okay,so आप think what happened 10 years LATER.....All of them are 11 (why? u.u don't ask why..up there it says February...) Lantern is SOOO smart,Marchelious' sometimes stupid but smart and Adia,well,the 'Annoyer of the Family'...Adia fights with Lantey' very often though;

"MOM! Lantern bit me again!" "Not true आप stupid liar!" "You did!" "I did NOT!" "You're the liar to defend yourself!" "You're doing this for mom या dad to punish me!" "Fudge off!" "WHAT?! SHUT UP BISH!" "NO,YOU DO!" (and द्वारा the time Rapunzel comes they're already fighting) *hit,kick,bite* but there आप go....they didn't have Gothel at least...so all I can say is..

~The End~