"But you're still beautiful------even when they DON'T get your nose right." with a giggle she कहा "Really?" "Uh-huh" "Awwww...Thank you!" "Doesn't matter" with a किस to him.

* * * * 6 MONTHS LATER * * *

It was already June. Rapunzel knew 3 months later Eugene and her will have their baby. She wasn't still sure (like I कहा in scene 1) if she could manage to be a mother. She knew Eugene thought that HE could manage it. He was the one excited...not her. But I think she'll प्यार to have her own child. And remember how I कहा they'll think about it? Well,I think it's too late anyway. The baby grew too much. (I hate saying this...but I wanned to say it right away ><) Rapunzel also found out it was too late and she कहा to herself,"I didn't tell Eugene all this time. And now it's too late.... But...I know it'll be lovely to have the baby....." but another surprise for आप guys..... ¬¬ she woke up Eugene and guess,"Eugene....we're not only going to have one child.." Eugene replied while rubbing his eyes,"So,how many?" "TRIPLETS!" and those things she said,Eugene went wide awake (<<<<< Not saying it because of K.P.'s song ¬¬ She's not even my fav' "idol" is AVRIL LAVIGNE. But I call her just her first name) "WHAT?!" "I कहा we're going to have 3 children" with a chuckle,"Nooooooo...You're kidding meeee!!!" "I am not!" "Please,tell me it's a joke!" "It ain't a joke!" "Yeah I's just because it's unbelievable!!!!" "I know I know..........." " are THEY?" "Well.....they're always moving a lot in the morning." she replied with her confused-feeling face. And Eugene,laughed at this so his reply was,"Maybe they just do 'SPORTS'!!!" And Rapunzel's eyes just widened and said,"Yeah,yeah." with another of her faces....Her 'Gosh that was embarassing-face'
And आप could tell Eugene forgived her because he didn't want her to feel ashamed,"Okay sorry." "No,no! But I think it's true." " 'Kay." Then Rapunzel got out of the bed. She कहा to herself,"Gosh,these शिशु are just making me feel uncomfortable!" आप could why she got herself up. Eugene also got out of bed...but for another reason. He was just hungry 'cause he didn't eat NOTHING yesterday. But because he was so hungry....he didn't even go to the bathroom. Rapunzel watched Eugene pass द्वारा the bathroom door. And because he was in a great hurry,Rapunzel started to giggle. When she got out of the bathroom,she went to the dining room,and that exactly where Eugene was eating. Then she laughed a lot and said,"Woah,didn't आप eat yesterday?" "No I didn't." with his mouth full of cheese and रोटी Eugene replied "Well,I remember आप ate 4 fruits." "For me that was nothing,'cause I didn't eat nothing for the rest of the day." and he was still chewing his bread. "Really? But then आप a सैंडविच like this!" "Still." "Wait,are आप playing a joke on me या what?" "I am not! I swear you,I only ate 4 fruits and 1 सैंडविच for breakfast,that's all!" "Well,if that's the only thing we're talking about; I made myself hungry." and she कहा right at the moment Eugene drank his नारंगी, ऑरेंज juice,and he accidentaly spitted it out of his mouth and started laughing. "Okay,that's gross." "Sorry,but to me it was funny that आप made yourself hungry." "Yeah. I know you'll laugh." "Then you're a GENIUS." "Okay...stop it." "I know why आप guess it before I दिखाना it......because you'll be a mother right away!" "And I know why you're starting to be a 'goofball'....because you'll be father right away." replying Eugene a little frustrated to Eugene's पूर्व words. "Okay okay. Calm down!" "Then,just please don't make me frustrated." " 'Kay, I won't " "Thank you."

At 3:30 p.m. Rapunzel and Eugene set off to a trip on the carriage again with Maximus. But this time was because Rapunzel was a little to bored. Maybe she wanned to forget something,Eugene thought. Rapunzel told the one who manage the carriage to take them outside the town. Well,Eugene was kinda surprised because he thought they'll go to her tower again,because remember what she said? "I want a family." and another "But I meant only आप and me Eugene,only आप and me." So,let's see what's going to happen now!