"Haha,gotcha,I was joking! But not when I said: Idiot" "Oh sorry,anyways" then he kissed her on her forehead and said, "I प्यार you" with a smile,and she replied,with a smile too,"I प्यार आप the most"
After everything ended,it was already evening.
Rapunzel was the first one to decide to go to bed.
Her father came and told her,"Well,I haven't tell आप this but having a child is the hardest job आप could ever get." "But the most beautiful present on the World" she replied with a smile. "Well that's very true my darlin' " then he कहा "Good Night" to her and left the room. Rapunzel started to fall apart,so she just gave up on fixing her बिस्तर for her to go to sleep,and just lay down on the bed,and suddenly,she fell asleep. When Eugene entered the room he started giggling,one,because Rapunzel suddenly fell asleep and two because she didn't even finish fixing the bed. And then Eugene wanned to start laughing out loud,but he better not wake Rapunzel up! But suddenly,he gave a HUGE squeal and woke his "wife" up. She jolted awake and said,with her enourmous eyes wide open,"Wtf...(What the freak)...What just happened??" "Haha,sorry,I couldn't stop giggling because you." "Me what?" "You just suddenly fell asleep and didn't even finish fixing the bed,and that was so funny to me that I couldn't help myself to लोल (Laugh Out Loud)!!!" "Oh fridge. Sorry to make आप laugh" "No,I better be sorry to wake आप up!" "Oh ye- *mumble*" and द्वारा this time,Eugene laughed even harder and Rapunzel said,"SORRY.. I better help myself up for आप no to laugh to wake me up!!!!" Then she just started to go on and keep fixing the bed,just then,Eugene spoke up and put her hands down,"No,you get comfortable,I'll do it for you. Leave it up to me." द्वारा this thing he कहा Rapunzel just opened her eyes wide and her दिल beated faster than ever. And she did what Eugene कहा to her.

* * * * * *
The अगला morning,Rapunzel couldn't see but could feel it. She went a little dizzy. She was afraid that what was going wrong with her. Then she remembered,she was pregnant. "Crap,I COMPLETELY forgot about it, But good thing I remembered it." I think Eugene was having a nightmare right away,'cause he just snapped awake, "SHOOT!!! Oh great,it was just a nightmare" Rapunzel spoke to him with a giggle,"What did आप dream??" "Oh. Well,ummm,I dreamed Mother Gothel tried to....... Not saying it :x" "Haha,why not?" "Kinda 'creepy' might be to you" "Just tell me before आप get under my skin....I meant to say,before आप get on my nerves." "Duh,where are the nerves?? On your skin??" "Well,duh,no.. Where else? Under the skin.. C'mon! You're getting और under my skin" "Okay okay..That Mother Gothel........tried to....." and when he कहा it,he tried to keep his mouth shut but he wouldn't,so he stuttered,"Tried to take away OUR child!!!!" "Only for tha--... Oh crap,now I remember Gothel took ME away.. Thanks for letting me know why आप wouldn't tell me." "There are reasons why your mouth needs to keep shut.". At 1:00 p.m. the town was getting crowded as yesterday,Rapunzel thought द्वारा looking in the balcony. But remember the "party" thing??? Well...after that,things started to get even crowded than it was yesterday. Rapunzel with her eyes wide open,she wanted to yell..but she wouldn't,just in case."Shoot,after that party yesterday.....after EVERYBODY found out I and I were going to have our child,everything,EVERYTHING just went upside down!" Her mother came to see her why was she was a little too surprised,"Darlin',why are आप so shocked?" "Mother,I think after that party yesterday,everything went upside down on the town." "Well,it was the same thing when I expected you." her mother replied with a chuckle "Really?" "Yes" "Oh. Well,I'm kinda glad to hear that 'cause I don't feel sort of strange about all this stuff going on. But the सवाल is,,,,why is everybody putting और stuff 'cause of the baby????" "Because they wanna make sure that when YOUR child's born,he या she has everything that he या she needs." "Okay,now I comprehend. And mother..thanks for letting me know." "Okee doke." Just then Eugene came in. But he saw that Rapunzel was sitting on the बिस्तर and looking bad. But he didn't know why,so he went up to see her and asked,"Dear,what is wrong with you?" Rapunzel couldn't reply. And अगला I saw that Rapunzel wasn't in the mood of depressed but in the mood of pain. She try to tell him,but because of all the pain...she couldn't reply. And even if she did,you couldn't understand her,"Well,Eugene,well I..aah! It's,it's....ow ow ow ow..It's" and Eugene didn't seem happy about it either,so he कहा "Well,we just gotta cheer our child up." with a cheeky smile,and because of this,Rapunzel giggled and the pain was gone. "Oh,Eug'! The pain is gone!" "Hmmm,well,I think the baby was giving आप pain 'cause your mood wasn't good as now" then she replied with a chuckle,"Well,I think that's right" "Don't worry.... everything's gonna be okay" Eugene said,giving Rapunzel a hug and a किस on her cheek.