I understood why Rapunzel didn't want to get married yet, I mean the girl had been through alot and all at once too, so I asked each साल on her birthday and each साल she would smile and say "Not yet, try अगला year" then she would किस me and with each किस I loved her और and more. So I waited. Then it was the दिन before her twenty-first birthday (4 years later), I was just coming back from buying her a birthday present when i got inside she called "Eugene!". in a rush to hind the gift I threw it behind a फूल pot. "Oh, I looking for you....what did आप just throw behind the फूल pot?"
"Uh, um what फूल pot?"
"That one right.."
"Ok, आप कहा आप were looking for me?" I कहा nervously. She grinned, rolled her eyes and कहा "I need a favor. Now your going to think I'm crazy and that this is weird but, um, I, uh I was wondering if tomorow आप and me could go back to the tower?". I was shocked, she told me she wanted nothing to do with that place ever again.
"Why on earth would आप want to go back to that place?"
"Well, I grew up there and even though it was a prison it was my home. I just want to go to have one last birthday there but this time I'm here, no Gothel, no magic hair and I'll have आप there with me".
"I didn't think of it that way. Ok, yes tomorw at noon well go visit ye ole tower" She thanked me and smiled.
The अगला दिन the whole way there we were remembering everywhere we had seen and been on our past adventure. Then we finally saw it the tall tower that kept Rapunzel prisoner her whole life. She suddenly fell silent and her eyes went 10 miles wide. "Are आप ok?" I asked, "Yeah, Yeah i'm fine, let's go up". We wne t to Gothels secret door and found all her old पुस्तकें and paintings on the wall. "This brings back so many memories. Oh! My window!" Then she ran upstairs with me right behind her. When I caught up to her she was standing at her window. I came and stood right beside her and decided I'll try proposing again. "Um, Rapunzel?" But before i could finish she turned around and saw the chain still attached to the दीवार that Gothel had hooked on my wrist and the dagger she stabbed me with and her eyes started watering as she sat against the दीवार holding the dagger. "This is whatt she killed आप with" द्वारा now she was crying a little.
"This is what almost took आप away"
"Hey, हे it's alright I'm here now" I sat down अगला to her and held her as close as I could.
"I was so scared I was going to lose you"
"You'll never lose me, and to prove it I'm going to ask आप again, Rapunzel will आप marry me?" She dried her tears and looke me deep in the eye. " Last साल I would hav कहा no.."
"Last साल आप did say no"
"But now seeing this place and being reminded of almost losing आप I'll have to say....yes"
"Yes Eugene I'll marry you" She smiled and tackled me with a hug and I yelled "Finally!" Both of us smiling, I was so happy I could hardly stand it I kissed her and admited "I was starting to worry आप would never say yes"
" I प्यार आप too much not to say yes eventually"
I looked into her beautiful green eyes and relized my new dream had finally come true.