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A shrill shriek boomed through the cold, empty halls of the palace castle. Elena found herself bolting out of बिस्तर straining against her still sleepy muscles to get to a very distressed Rapunzel. When she reached the door panic overtook her as it was cracked open, but upon further opening she found Eugene to be the one that beat her there and relief swept over her.
    “Sweety?” The क्वीन calmly asked to her not so calm daughter who was being comforted द्वारा her gentlemen. Eugene looked up and his eyes met Elena’s and they optically spoke for a few moments. Rapunzel still violently sobbed into Eugene’s shoulder, not hearing her mother’s voice. It’d been a week since the last time she’d last cried, but she’s never cried this hard before. She was embarrassed.
    “Hey Rapunzel? Your mother’s here.” Eugene softly कहा and Rapunzel lifted her head; her swollen, red eyes meeting her mother’s green ones. She immediately jumped up, careful not to hurt Eugene, and almost tackled her mother to the ground.
    Elena, after getting over the mild shock of almost being knocked down, wrapped her protective arms around her beloved daughter. Rapunzel started to cry even harder. “Sweety sweety! It’s okay. I’ve got you.” She cooed into her daughter’s ear, and Rapunzel calmed down a little which lead Elena to take them back to her bed. Eugene scooted over closer to the foot to let the क्वीन and her distraught daughter sit down.
    After a few मिनटों of calming down Rapunzel pulled away a little from her mother to turn to Eugene and said, “Eugene, I प्यार आप so much but I need to talk to my mother alone.”
    “Sure! Anything आप need princess.” Eugene replied and kissed her on the forehead before getting up and leaving, also giving the क्वीन a sad, but encouraging smile. Once he closed the door it felt like he was never there.
    “What’s the matter sweety?” The extremely concerned क्वीन asked, but Rapunzel only started to cry a little harder again. Then Elena had them lay down so she could hold her daughter better and closer.
    “I’m right here. Don’t cry.” Tears crept up to Elena’s eyelids threatening to drop, but she kept them at खाड़ी, बे with sheer will power. “Shhh… shhh.” Rapunzel started to calm down again.
    “I had a nightmare… That… Gothel killed… you-” She started to cry harder again and Elena couldn’t hold back her tears any longer. “Instead of Eugene… आप were the one trying to save me… And it didn’t matter what I did! I couldn’t save you”! Elena squeezed her lovely daughter tighter doing anything to calm her down.
    “She can’t hurt me या anyone else ever again Rapunzel.” She stated firmly and calmly, even though she was crying as well. Rapunzel looked up at her mother at the statement and smiled at the actual living sight of her. Her mother wiped her tears away, and to further lighten the mood she wiped her mother’s tears away too. Light laughter found its way from out of their mouths and their tears were forced back in. “I प्यार you.” Elena कहा stroking her daughters beautiful face.
    “I प्यार आप m-too.” Rapunzel ducked her head down into the crook of her mother’s neck, trying her hardest to not start crying again. Memories of Gothel tried to invade her peaceful calm tranquility. Elena simply squeezed tighter as if to squeeze out all the bad memories in her daughter’s head. She didn’t leave her that night, and as time went द्वारा there eyelids grew heavy from emotional exhaustion and they finally fell into a completely peaceful sleep for the first time since their reunion.