however if u saw toy story 3 i प्यार that movie but if आप meet Bonnie maybe आप noticed this: She is just like rapunzel and eugene. आप may be asking:

OKAY here are some traits i found from her that are similar to Rugene

her eyes:they are very similar to eugene's eye color is just a little darker but they are almost the same color ah and also they are just as big as rapunzel's eyes

her hair:it's the same cut as rapunzel and her color is just a mash-up of rapunzel's color as a brunette and eugene's soft and bright color

her face:she have the same freckles of rapunzel and her nose have the same shape of rapunzel's nose and ,her cheeks also they are just as rapunzel's when she smiles and finally her eyebrows are very thick just as them

and her voice is just as sweet as rapunzel when she was a little girl

She is a mini rapunzel!


thanks for reading! ;)