The lovely forest is filled with peace, life, and the good of all the creatures that thrive. But these woods are far from beyond these words when an evil wizard named Gagaloo plans on destroying the woods to build a विश्वविद्यालय for gifted wizards. All seems लॉस्ट until two eager creatures named Dagget and Norbert, best known as the two ऊदबिलाव, बीवर brothers stand up against Gagaloo's plan and kept on telling him to हटाइए his विश्वविद्यालय somewhere else. Of course being the gitty wizard he was, he refused to हटाइए it and told the two beavers to get lost. With anger in their disposol and a cunning sense of dignity, the two decided it was time to take force and get all of the woodland creatures to form a strike and a battle against Gagloo. Unfourntally, the creatures did not want to शामिल होइए because for many reasons: one being is that Gagaloo is a powerful wizard and is capabal of putting long-live curses. Sense the creatures couldn't help, Dagget and Norbert figured it was time to take their plan to the अगला step and try asking a human being या people to help them out. This is how their jounrey all began...

In the bright morning, Dagget was busy sleeping in the hollow log until Norbet woke him up. "We better get moving." He कहा while leaving the log. He opend his eyes an inch but closed them shut. About a second, Norbet comes back and dumps cold river water on him. The gag worked and his brother was up and shivring. "Why di आप do that Norbert?!" He yelled while trying to dry himself. "Because आप are a heavy sleeper Dagget. And dumping cold water on आप is always the best way to wake आप up." He could not argue with that and just sat on a rock. Norbert meanwhile was out on a nearby पहाड़ी, हिल trying to keep track of direction on where they were heading. After close observation he came up with the results- they were heading to a nearby गढ़, महल and town. "Where excatly are we heading at Norbie?" Dagget asked. "We are heading to a town that also had a huge castle. We may find some luck over there." Excited, Dagget startd rushing. Norbet however controled him द्वारा stepping on his tail everytime he tried to run away. "We need to stick close या a creature might be after us."

After walking through the woods about an hour, the two made it into this small town with little respect from the people. They were mostly thrown around, called द्वारा insulting names like "weird hairballs" and were almost chopped up द्वारा a butcher knife. Though a lot of the town's people disliked them, they managed to make it across the block safely. "That was nuts!" Dagget exclaimed with exciment. Norbet on the other hand had no time for fooling around. After walking a few miles he stopped in his tracks when he saw the गढ़, महल that stood tall and proud. "Dagget, आप gotta come see this." Norbet said. Dagget walked to him and was shocked to see how tall the गढ़, महल was as well. "Who do आप expect us to find in this behamoth?" Dagget asked. Norbet shook his head slightly as if he did not know. "What else? A prince. There has got to be a prince in this गढ़, महल that can help us defeat Gagaloo." Dagget was not too sure about his idea- prince's are loyal, but not towards creatures. He tried his best to convience Norbet that his idea would be a disaster but he did not listen to him. He kept pushing him out of the way and finally grabbed his tail and dragged him inside.

The गढ़, महल guards notcied the beavers coming and were haulting them. "What do आप think आप two are doing in here?" One of the guards asked. Norbet explained everything to them. The guards only looked at each other and did not know what और to say. They did however force the two to walk straight. Not knowing where the would take them.