what is the presale club ticketmaster promotion पासवर्ड to purchase the tickets before the general public does?

 joannekryski posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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टैंगल्ड जवाब

Pocahontas1Fan said:
What does this have to do with Tangled? This is something आप need to ask ticketmaster yourself.This is not place to discuss off topic of club stuff.This club is suposed to be टैंगल्ड related stuff.Now if आप are talking about the डिज़्नी On Ice Dare to Dream which includes टैंगल्ड in it,then आप can discuss it here. But if it's general सवाल about ticket master आप need to talk to them.

Please from now on stay on topic ( टैंगल्ड club) related stuff from now on. I'm not being mean it's just I'm stating fact आप should talk to non related to टैंगल्ड on the opperatite club या organization,this not place to discuss non टैंगल्ड stuff.This just so आप know incase someone else here tells आप same thing as I did.
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