Chapter 3: Blood

Rinoa stretched her legs as she got out of the car; she was soon followed द्वारा the others, with Zell and Squall getting out last. Zell stretched his arms out as he cracked his knuckles then inhaled--he could smell the salt from the sea as he did this. He had managed to get the group to Balamb safely and had parked the car at the docks.

"Come on, we don't want to waste anytime," Rinoa insisted as she tightened the laces on her boots up and signalled the group to follow. Squall shot a glance in Zell's direction--as Zell locked the car up. He turned his head to see just Squall waiting for him.

"Thanks for waiting," he कहा with a hint of sarcasm.
"Don't get used to it," Squall laughed and started to walk round the corner. Zell motioned himself not walking far behind Squall.

This was Zell's hometown, he felt calmed as he turned round the corner and noticed the familiar hotel. It was always घर to regular guests mainly because of the ocean view. The hotel owner was busy cleaning the window when Zell walked near the front door--he could see his reflection shimmering from the cleaned window as the sun shone upon it.
"Morning Zell," the hotel owners face lit up as he saw Zell walk past.
"Morning," he replied trying to not get sidetracked as he took note of Squall now a little aways in front of him. He walked round the corner in to the centre of the town, there were a few people near the stalls as he walked past. Usually he would go to the house near the end as his mum lived there, but with him being on a job he hadn't really got anytime to be doing that.
"Don't slack behind," Zell looked as Squall spoke as he was stood a few metres away from him. He moved forwards walking up the stairs a foot at a time so that he didn't fall down, he soon reached Squall as they both walked in to the train station. The walls were painted white and the ceiling was blue to match the look of the ocean.
"About time," Selphie stood in front of them with her hands crossed she looked excited to get on the train. Squall turned and कहा a few words to the ticket man and gave a gesture to the group to board the train.
"Me first!" Selphie initially ran through the rusting train doors and in to the अगला केबिन as the rest followed slowly after her.

Zell moved to the far end of the room to look out the cabin's window; Irvine walked through the केबिन doors to find Selphie and Rinoa was kneeled on the floor looking at what appeared to be her weapon--which Squall was now looking at too as she had caught his attention.
"You okay?" Zell turned his head startled to see Quistis looking at him.
"I didn't mean to startle you," she continued laughing at him.
"Me? Ahh I'm fine, just wondering whats causing all this trouble, that's all," Quistis moved closer and now Zell could see his pale blue eyes reflected in her eyes.
"You sure?" she paused,
"Well, if आप need to talk i'm here," she responded and turned her torso to walk through the cabins door--Selphie could be heard गाना her usual train song as the door opened. Zell's back slid down the compartment दीवार to sit on the cold metal floor. "What was that about?" his thoughts were incoherent as to what Quistis was thinking.
A loud intercom jingle could be heard which broke through Zell's thoughts.
"We are now arriving at Timber" it called out throughout the whole train coinciding with their arrival.

Zell was first off the train, he jogged down the steps to stop near the souvenir shop, it looked less quiet than it had done when he had last been here--almost as if no one lived here.
"Where is everyone?" Rinoa asked stopping at the side of Zell. He took a glance at her as she was looking आगे to the town and turned his view to where she was looking.
"It's a little...too quiet" Squall walked in front taking the leader role once more.
"What's that?" Irvine pointed out at what appeared to be wild जानवर clawing at a nearby residents home. Zell saw this straight away and his reactions instantly kicked in with running to help; the जानवर caught attention of Zell running towards them and began to run to him. The first भेड़िया tried to lunge at his leg which he counterattacked with his leg kicking the भेड़िया head causing it to yelp. The other tried to attack him as he did this but a shotgun shell pierced through the भेड़िया fur--making the भेड़िया land motionless. Squall ran आगे cutting the first भेड़िया torso in turn making that also collapse with a severe wound.
Zell's pulse had quickened at the fact he had been fighting, he ran his left hand across his forehead as beads of sweat engulfed his दस्ताना, दस्ताने making it damp. He kicked the two corpses of the भेड़िया to make sure they were dead. The girls soon ran आगे to Zell and the other two--which caused Zell to tighten his दस्ताना, दस्ताने strap being cautious.

"Well we know we can deal with them," Selphie spoke stepping over the lifeless wolves. Zell felt strange, it felt as though something was inside him, his legs began to go weak, which caused him to kneel on the floor for support.
Quistis put a worried hand on his shoulder,
"Are आप alright Zell?" Zell's eyes were suddenly burning and he let out an agonised scream; punching the floor hard with his fist, Quistis stepped back as he did this. Flames could be felt flickering through his veins engulfing his limbs..It soon began to deteriate, his body sat now limp on the hard concrete floor.
"Zell?" Irvine moved Zell's face and his eyes stirred, he opened them slowly seeing Irvine's face close to his. Zell stepped up quickly from the floor and stepped back--shocked and stumbled on his feet a little.
"The hell आप doing trying to किस me?!" he was now alarmed at Irvine.
"Zell, आप stupid ass, he wasn't trying to किस you, आप seemed in pain," Rinoa moved आगे to him to make him understand.
"I don't remember being in pain, I remember us fending those भेड़िया off and got up to see Irvine with his arm around me trying to give me one." Zell protested at what Rinoa mentioned.
"Why the hell would i want to किस some skinny assed guy," Irvine pointed at Zell's body.
"I've got Selphie" he reminded Zell.
"You think it might have something to do with the appearance of these wolves?" Quistis mainly directed this सवाल at Squall,
"I don't know but we have to keep an eye on Zell" Squall replied now conscious of what was happening as he directly stared at Zell.

Zell rubbed his arm to shrug off what was happening.
"What's happening to me? Why don't i remember anything they have told me?" he thought to himself as he worried for his own sanity.
"Let's just हटाइए on," Zell spoke abruptly as he thrust his hands into his pockets as he kicked the ground with his feet when he began walking; Zell didn't know what else to think about this, the others would call him a liar if he didn't go along with them but there was something और that was happening.

The weather hadn't changed a lot it was still sunny but now dark looming clouds could be seen piercing through the atmosphere.
"We'll find out what's doing this," Quistis appeared at the side of Zell now trying to keep her pace as the same as his own.
"Yeah.." Zell's expression could be read that he was still worrying. A flash of dark blue ran past the corner of his right eye as he caught sight of Rinoa running forward, Zell's eyes followed the direction she was running to--it appeared to be a man covered in blood, he paused.
"Zone?" was his first instincts of words, who else could it be outside of Zone's house his pace picked up but as he drew closer he could see the wrinkles and the jawline और defined--this wasn't Zone.