Her Ivory Skin pressed against Zell's bare chest, he was feeling the pressure on his torso. She let out a shallow satisifed sigh and brushed his cheekbone with her icy index finger.
It was a time when any man would want this और than anything--But she wasn't just anything. Her nail's ran across his pale कॉलर bone--flexing her finger in to his neck. What और could he do, just give in?

Chapter 1: Late
There ws a faint knock on the wooden door. Zell's eye's twitched at the sound and opened a little to see the sun piercing through the laced curtains.

"Zell are आप awake?" the voice was awfully familiar to him. He groaned at the thought and motioned his head trying to stuff it under his तकिया to muffle the sound.

"Oh come on Zell! I know your awake, i can hear आप groaning in there!" the familiar voice spoke again. He sat up vertically and ran his hands under the white sheet not paying attention to the voice; he kicked his legs to get the sheet off him.

"I'm going to drag your damn नितंब, गधा outta' that बिस्तर and beat the living hell out of आप if आप don't hurry up!" the voice sounded और urgent now, than it had done before. Zell moved his गुलाबी lips to let out a slight yawn and progressed to say something.

"I'm awake god damn it! I'll meet आप at the front gates in one hour," Zell's voice sounded calm and the masculinity reavealed from this.

"Fine." the sound of footsteps could be heard walking away in the other direction.
Zell stretched his pale legs over the side of the large बिस्तर and rummaged his right hand through his blonde tousled hair. The sun was warming his skin as it's beams shone through the curtains.
"I can't believe it's today" Zell thought to himself as he got himself up off the बिस्तर and started walking over to the wardrobe in the far corner of the room. He sighed letting the air come from within his chest as his left hand ran down the front of the wardrobe door to the oak handle and placed his palm and fingers around it, he pulled it towards his bare chest and let it stay open as his left hand released the handle.

Inside the wardrobe were alot of clothes--including his usual red जैकेट and his blue denim quarter cut trousers--it was full of assorted things.
"Hmm i hate having to wear this uniform." he muttered to himself as his eye's scanned to a SeeD uniform hung up at the right hand side of the dresser. Zell placed both hands on the head of the white hanger and pulled the uniform out to lay on the bed. He turned his body in a ninety-degree angle and started walking to the bathroom. The whole process of getting a shower, brushing his teeth and putting wax in his hair only took half an घंटा which to Zell was better progress than what it usually took him, but today he had to hurry.
He walked back to the bed--in a towel after drying himself--to where he had left his clothes before he had taken the shower. He took the जैकेट off the hanger and placed the hanger back on the bed. Zell out his right hand through the arm of the right sleeve carefully and did the same for his left. The जैकेट was made of black bottom weight cotton and the detail it had was remarkable; the shoulder pads contained a yellow trim along with a chain connecting the left side and the right side together at the front. The bottom of the sleeves were also lined with the same yellow trim but also contained a red band--that was about ten centimetres in size--it ran around the sleeve.
Zell finished off his uniform द्वारा sitting on the बिस्तर and putting his legs in to the black trousers that matched the जैकेट and belted them up to his hips as he stood up straight.
"I'm going to be late," he thought to himself as he quickly put his shoes on and paced out of the dormitory door.

Zell picked up his pace and was now running down the dormitories and in to the garden's corridors. A few garden students looked at him curiously as he ducked and weaved through them. Nida who was amongst the students--he was also a SeeD member, Zell and Nida had passed the same day--noticed Zell running past him just before he reached the front of the building.

"Late again, Zell?" Nida called after him and laughed to himself thinking of what the others would think of Zell when he showed up late again.