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It is compatible with any version of the FullDive technology. The game features nine races of fairies, whose goal is to reach the top of the giant tree Yggdrasil, in order to meet the Fairy King Oberon. It was said that Oberon would turn the first starting race to reach the top of the World Tree into the legendary race of ALFs, with the ability to fly for unlimited time.

Instead of the level system that Sword Art Online emphasized, ALfheim Online pursues skill development and encourages killing other players. This kind of system tries to eliminate the enormous gap that exists on level-based games between new and old players.


Cait Sith : Skilled beast tamers with improved eyesight. They are recognizable through their cat ears and tails.
Hp: 250 (+ 25 per level)
Mp: 30 (+ 15 per level)

Gnome : Largest fairy race and users of the earth. They are styled in brown.
Hp: 300 (+ 30 per level)
Mp: 20 (+ 10 per level)

Imp : Masters of night, great night vision. They are styled in purple.
Hp: 225 (+ 25 per level)
Mp: 25 (+ 15 per level)

Leprechaun : Blacksmith race, their wings have a mechanical appearance.
Hp: 240 (+ 20 per level)
Mp: 10 (+ 15 per level)

Puca : Users of music which is used to confuse, attack, or support.
Hp: 210 (+ 15 per level)
Sp: 15 (+ 15 per level))

Salamander : Considered the strongest race in terms of attack, they have superior fire spells and are styled in red.
Hp: 400 (+ 40 per level)
Mp: 10 (+ 5 per level)

Spriggan : Masters of illusion and treasure seeking. They are styled in black.
Hp: 260 (+ 20 per level)
Mp: 20 (+ 15 per level)

Sylph : Considered the fastest race and users of wind, they are denoted by the color green regularly.
Hp: 230 (+ 15 per level)
Mp: 10 ( + 20 per level)

Undine : Healers and masters of water. They are styled in blue.
Hp: 200 (+ 10 per level)
Mp: 40 (+ 25 per level)

Spells can be customized and original, but it all relies on your level and the amount of Sp you put into it.

"-Bob- Begin chanting and poured all of his energy into this spell. Once he released it the wind dragon soared and pinned -Amy- against a wall and begin to tear her to shreds.

Hp: 800
Sp 500- 300 = 200"

The better your Rp during battle the higher the damage you'll do to the monster.

-Bob- Slashed -Amy-

Hp: 800-50 = 750

-Bob- decided to surprise his foe so he would fly above the clouds and would swoop down quickly then scooping upward and striking her in the back.

Hp: 800 - 100 = 700
Sp: 500

But this does not mean that a level 1 will be able to defeat a level 45 with one strike be realistic. When you strike a person they will do their own damage calculations. In case they counter or evade, but if you do this don't just say
"-Amy- Counters"
Do it well for it to succeed and do your damage calculations fairly if you're level 1 and a level 20 hits you don't take away 10 Hp take away like 100.














 It is compatible with any version of the FullDive technology. The game features nine races of परियों
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