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The 14 Greatest Loves of Dean Winchester’s Life



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fanfly said:
Cute, but jeez- I have to disagree with pretty much all of the rankings. My interpretation:

13. Movies/Tv [he makes a lot of funny references to them]
12. Food [the guy could probably be on that show Man vs Food]
11. Alcohol [he's always loved to drink but now he uses it as a crutch- who knows if he could live without it?]
10. Classic rock [the only thing he'll listen to]
9. Sex [The guy loves the ladies!]
8. Anna [she gave him a kind of healing that he desperately needed at the time]
7. Cassie [his first love and the only civilian woman he willingly confessed his profession to]
6. Lisa/Ben aka Family Life [he didn't love Lisa so much as the family life that she represented and he so desperately wants]
5. Jo [he cared about her so much that he held back for fear of hurting her]
4. Kicking ass [Killing evil SOBs is always fun]
3. Impala [definitely the love of his life, the one constant, his only home]
2. Saving people [He'll sacrifice his own life, his dreams, his car, his soul to save someone]
1. His family, including Bobby [The whole reason he fights, sacrifices, breathes]
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tazoulini said:
They're all so true, maybe the ranking should be different but...Love this article!!!
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krburrows said:
AND CASTIEL!!! LOL i'm kidding i'm not a crazy destiel fan...just crazy
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