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I make typography posters with कोट्स from फिल्में and TV shows.
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I have joined the site altho In प्यार with the दिखाना for years. I'm almost afraid that killing off everyone wasn't such a good idea. I miss Bobby, Charlie, and Rufus all the characters that made those great to follow episodes are gone now. I was glad to see Roweena go and miss Crowly terribly! Ya'll have to either bring some of the good characters back with new stories cause the leviathens sucked and the new stuff doesn't feel quite as good, at least bring Bobby Ruby and Charlie back!!!! I watch the दिखाना it comes on tnt in my homestate of tn and everyday for the past 3 yrs anyway I have never missed a morning of watchn 3 shows back to back then the new ones. I have lung cancer and don't have a lot of time left Im 55 yrs old and not ashamed to say I प्यार both of those boys. I can sure die in peace watchn a new episode with some dead favs!!
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