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posted by rokocharm
ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN AND ARE NOT INFUENCED द्वारा ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHAT I HAVE PERCIEVED FROM THE SHOW. NOT INTENDED TO BASH ANY CHARACTERS. I’m back with a new analysis on the other half the Winchesters; आप guessed it, here’s Dean Winchester. Now behind that bad boy exterior, we all know he has a दिल of सोना that beats for his family (namely Sammy, *cough *cough) and enough wit and charm to keep us laughing, even as the nature of the दिखाना grows darker. Dean the big brother, Dean the protector; he has many names, and many sides, and I’ll attempt to do him justice as we explore the...
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So Did it ever crossed your mind while watching a सूपरनॅचुरल episode " i would totally do different if i were you" या आप think since we all know so much about SPN now . we can totally survive what ever सूपरनॅचुरल that comes with the guys ofcourse .
i mad a little सूची about how to survive in सूपरनॅचुरल and i would प्यार if आप have any adds.
( got your chips ? ok lets start)
1- we all know this one but must be added:
Always keep holy water, silver , salt in the house
specially for the low sodium freaks!.
2-If two unreasonably handsome men दिखाना up at your door claiming to be FBI (or any other...
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posted by HorrorFan101
Sam gave a brief nod and turned towards the door, and Dean and Amy followed suit. His father’s training kicked in as Dean’s automatic thought became tactics on how to tackle the demon when it came through the door. He looked at Amy.
“Go to the window at the back of the room – that way, if Sam and I get distracted and it thinks we’re the only ones here, आप can surprise the son of a bitch!” he called over to her.
Amy looked suddenly doubtful at the prospect of not huddling in a group any more, and from being a noticeable distance from them. Sam caught her look and tried to reassure...
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