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The गढ़, महल Café
Daphne was sitting at the bar drinking coffee, while Mitch was getting dressed.
“Last night was amazing” Daphne said.
“I agree. We should do this और often” Mitch joked.
“I would hope so” Daphne said, who wasn’t joking at all.
Mitch frowned. “I thought आप were married”
“Yeah, with a virgin” Daphne कहा disgusted. “If I would’ve known…”
“You would’ve dumped him?” Mitch asked.
“No, of course not” Daphne sighed. “Look, I प्यार him. I really do. But I can’t deflower him. I won’t sleep with virgins. It’s a principle. And in the meantime I have my needs and that’s where आप come in”
“What about his needs?” Mitch asked, while he poured himself a coffee.
“I guess he’ll have to find someone else” Daphne कहा annoyed.
“Wouldn’t that make आप angry?” Mitch asked, sipping his coffee.
“I would be furious” Daphne admitted.
“So, आप won’t sleep with him, but आप don’t want him to sleep with anyone else. And in the meantime आप sleep with half the town” Mitch summed up to see if he got the whole picture.
“You’re not half the town” Daphne defended herself.
“Still, it’s kind of mean” Mitch कहा reproaching. Then he smiled. “That’s what I like so much about you”
He leaned आगे and kissed her.
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 Sam & Dean Winchester
Sam & Dean Winchester
Here it is my SPN ABC´s for the Ultimate SPN Contest. Hope आप guys enjoy it and I´m sorry cause i´m a brain dead!

WARNING: bad speling

A - Ackles. Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, whatever i just प्यार him

B - Brother. The third brother? Imposter. Real Winchesters are HOT

C - CASTIEL!!! He took Dean from Hell and I प्यार HIM since the first time i saw him! I´m a true and loyal Castiel प्रशंसक and i´m proud of it!

D - Demon. Dean as a demon was the saddest/scariest thing i´ve ever seen in SPN :(

E - EMF. I don´t want to have one. I prefer not to know what´s around me. I get scared REALLY easy....
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Ok so here we are, one और time, to read an interview with another awesome सूपरनॅचुरल fan, Kristine, so let's get started:

1. Ok Kristine why don't आप start द्वारा introducing yourself. :)

Hi guys. As आप might already know, my name is Kristine. But आप can call me Ghost, ’cause like 97% of those I know on फैन्पॉप call me that.

Anyways. I’m 14 years old, live in Norway and I’m addicted to Supernatural. I’m a really happy person, and I usually do as my फ्रेंड्स tell me to do. Wow. That made me sound like some sort of a slave, but I’m definitely not. Well. Yea. I think आप know me well enough...
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Contains spoilers if आप haven't been following Season 5.
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