1. His stage name is Yesung and it means “art-like voice”. His real name is actually Kim Jong-woon.
2.Yesung is a rock तारा, स्टार in “Attack of the pin up boys”.
3. Yesung had to be in hospital after he collapsed after running for a charity marathon, he ran 70 km.
4. He usually gets cut off from TV shows because he talks too much.
5. When he had his debut it was only until a few weeks later that he was shown on stage.
6. He likes to touch the other members philtrum at night time, he will go into their rooms and touch their philtrums.
7. He is part of Super Junior K.R.Y- Super Junior Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung, they have their own little group because they are the talented singers in Super Junior.
8. Yesung had to be in hospital after he fell off a 1.5m stage and was released two days later because he hurt his neck and waist.
9. His प्रिय season is autumn.
10.He has small fingers
11. Yesung has a pet कछुआ, कछुए named “ddangkoma” (300.000 won). It’s now in a museum because Yesung already donated it.
12. He would like to go to Canada.
13. He had his first किस when he was in 2nd साल High School.
14.He could imitate Kangin, Donghae and Siwon perfectly.
15. He recently got another कछुआ, कछुए named “Morahaji”
16. He once cried in a radio station because he thought he had no fans
17. Shoe Size: 260-270 mm
18. He is catholic
19. He can’t drink alcohol
20. Yesung always forgets to take his towel to the bathroom when he’s showering. And the best thing is, he won’t ask someone to get it for him. Instead, he will get out and take it himself, without wearing anything.
21. Yesung is jealous of siwon’s body.
22. When when yesung wears a hat, he still does his part of hair that can’t be covered द्वारा the hat.
23. His blood type is AB
24. On a comedy gameshow, Yesung लॉस्ट & as a punishment, he need to smell the fart of those people in the game including Min&Hae
25. Nick Name: Cloud
26. Birthday: August 24, 1984
27. Hobbies: Singing, listening to music, sport, reading, watching movies
28. Yesung was born in Cheonan, South Chungcheong.
29. His प्रिय color is red.
30.He borrows the master key of their rooms from the manager (whenever their in a tour), & visit everyone else’s room while they’re asleep.
31. He have a कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला named Kkoming.
32. When accidents happen to SJ in 2007, Yesung cry for the accident that befell Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong and Kyuhyun. Leeteuk: “He even told me not to worry because there he will keep all members SJ.” Yesung कहा to Kyuhyun who is seriuosly injured in that accident: “If आप heal, I will not be angry anymore though आप always making fun of me.”
33. Yesung want to go to Canada for the honey moon.
34. Once Yesung admit that he’s amazed at Moon Geun-young and they both perform at a show. ELF themself provide support on Yesung to approach her. But in any event, Yesung who want greet Moon, lose from ELF. ELF will shout first before he even made a start: “Moon, there is Yesung here.” and make Yesung step back with his cheek blushed from embarassment. And actually ELF agreed if they date.
35. Is the opposite of Eunhyuk, Yesung does not eat too much.
36.Yesung had talked for 2 hours nonstop in one टेलीविज़न show, but the producer actually cuts 90% of Yesung talking part. Until now Yesung cannot forget the incident.
37. When sleeping, Yesung like हटाइए a lot. Yesung has a habit to wake up and sleep in a different बिस्तर every 20 minutes. So this happened when they’re in a hotel that night. Yesung come to another member’s बिस्तर and sleep there for 20 मिनटों while touching their philtrum.. and then he’ll switch to other member.
38. When Yesung was in high school, his hobby is singing. In the summer, Yesung is willing not to buy ice for months because he was collecting money to buy a radio. But after buying the radio, he became lazy. Yesung’s mom throw away the radio. That’s make Yesung cry and want to run away from home.
39. Yesung had a collection of necklaces, bracelets, rings that cost a fortune.
40. In his room there is a hair dryer, striped गुलाबी headbands. Other member ussually borrow that from him.
41. Ryeowook is Yesung roomate
42. He like girl with innocent personality.
43.The meaning of her name is power, artistic.
44. If he had retired from SJ, Yesung want to do business.
45. On Yesung’s birthday, his parents came to the broadcast station. But they came to see Shin Hyesung’s comeback stage, not for their son.
46. Can’t even drink one bottle of alcohol.
47. Yesung has smallest finger on Super Junior
48. In 1999, YeSung made his first टेलीविज़न appearance in a local संगीत event. Two years later in 2001, he auditioned in the Starlight Casting System and scraped through the contests with his “artistic voice”. He was then recruited as a trainee under the talent agency SM Entertainment.
49. Has his own radio program, M.I.R.A.C.L.E for आप once.
50.Yesung contributed in the drama OST “Cinderella’s Sister”, starring Moon Geun Yeung and Chun Jung Myun and started on March 31, 2010. He sang “너 아니면 안돼”(It Has To Be You)
51.Yesung alone contributed in the drama OST, Tazza, a highly rated drama which started on September 16, 2008. He sang 사랑참아프다 (Love Really Hurts)
* Boochunduksan Preschool
* Cheonanchungsoo ES
* Boosung JHS
* Byungchun SHS
* Chungwoon विश्वविद्यालय (청운대학교) and then transferred to Sunmoon विश्वविद्यालय (선문대학교) (Graduated in 2009, Broadcast संगीत Major)
53. Cyworld: www.cyworld.com/ys1106ys
54. He collected bugs when he was little.
55. He has a younger brother named Jongjin. (and he’s very cuteee)
56. His प्रशंसकों are also called Clouds
57.Yesung has three pet turtles named “Ddangkoma”, “Ddangkkoming” and “Ddangkkomaeng” (땅꼬마, 땅꼬밍 & 땅꼬맹) and he used to own a dog named Sora.
58. He doesn’t wear revealing clothing because he has a Jeju island shaped birthmark on his stomach.
59. In 2001, his mom’s sent an online application for him, then tricked him into coming to Seoul with her, supposedly to visit her friend.
60. तारा, स्टार Golden घंटी, बेल कहा that he was ranked 622th in the सूची of most searched singers on a खोजिए engine.
61. His freestyle dance is really unique and actually weird..
62. His twitter account is @shyfly3424
63. He पोस्टेड a lot of selca in his twitter
64. He bought a restaurant named Baptol’s for his parents, it’s located in Hongdae. And then they closed down the restaurant on 2011
65. They open a cafe named Handel and Gretel after closing down Baptol’s, located just beside the KBS Yeuido building.
66. Not to long ago, they open a optical store named Why Style in Myeongdong, Yesung promote the sunglasses from his store a lot with the help of other members.